Preschool Teachers


Employment Prospects


There are approximately 431,350 preschool teachers and 124,290 kindergarten teachers in the United States. About 60 percent of preschool teachers (not including special education) are employed in child day care services, while 17 percent work for religious, grantmaking, civic, professional, and similar organizations. Another 15 percent work for public and private elementary and secondary schools. Both government and the private sector are working to fill the enormous need for quality child care. Preschool teachers will find many job opportunities in private and public preschools, including daycare centers, government-funded learning programs, churches, and Montessori schools. They may find work in a small center, or with a large preschool with many students and classrooms.

Starting Out

If you hope to become a preschool teacher, you can contact child care centers, nursery schools, Head Start programs, and other preschool facilities to identify job opportunities. Often jobs for preschool teachers are listed in employment Web sites online. In addition, many school districts and state boards of education maintain job listings of available teaching positions. If no permanent positions are available at preschools, you may be able to find opportunities to work as a substitute teacher. Most preschools and kindergartens maintain a substitute list and refer to it frequently.

Advancement Prospects

Many teachers advance by becoming more skillful in what they do. Skilled preschool teachers, especially those with additional training, usually receive salary increases as they become more experienced. A few preschool teachers with administrative ability and an interest in administrative work advance to the position of director. Administrators need to have at least a master's degree in child development or a related field and have to meet any state or federal licensing regulations. Some become directors of Head Start programs or other government programs. A relatively small number of experienced preschool teachers open their own facilities. This entails not only the ability to be an effective administrator but also the knowledge of how to operate a business. Kindergarten teachers sometimes have the opportunity to earn more money by teaching at a higher grade level in the elementary school. This salary increase is especially true when a teacher moves from a half-day kindergarten program to a full-day grade school classroom.

Tips for Entry

Find volunteer work or an after-school job in a child-care center.

Work during the summers as a camp counselor.

Obtain at least an associate's degree in early childhood education or a related field.