Private Equity Investor Relations Specialists


Exploring this Job

You can learn about the world of private equity by checking out Web sites such as Private Equity International ( or by reading books such as The Investor Relations Manual (Private Equity International, 2011), Private Equity 4.0: Reinventing Value Creation (John Wiley & Sons, 2015), and What It Takes: Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence by Blackstone Chairman, CEO, and Co-founder Stephen A. Schwarzman (Avid Reader Press/Simon & Schuster, 2019).

Talk with investment relations specialists at private equity firms and those at Fortune 500 companies to learn more about the field. Participate in financial competitions and private equity clubs in college to develop your skills and build your professional network.

The Job

Job duties for investor relations specialists vary by the size of their firm, type of fund, and other factors. At a smaller firm, one IR specialist may be responsible for everything from writing weekly and monthly reports for review by senior management, to responding to informational queries from current limited partners, and heading out on road shows with managing partners to meet prospective investors. At a large firm, there is usually an entire IR team, which has specific duties and experience levels—from the entry-level business analyst who reviews financial statements and prepares presentations, to IR managers who meet with institutional investors to try to convince them to invest in their firm’s latest fund. At some firms, IR professionals are also responsible for fund raising (actually soliciting the money that is invested), while at others, a fund raising department handles this important task. Major duties of IR specialists include:

  • serving as the primary point of contact with clients to handle information requests
  • responding to investor data requests and preparing ongoing data content for investors
  • preparing and maintaining all marketing materials and creating detailed and persuasive presentations
  • preparing and maintaining a database of due diligence information and investment summaries for investor presentations
  • using customer relationship management software to help manage interactions with limited partners and match potential investors with new funds
  • assisting in the generation of quarterly and annual investor letters (which include a valuation and commentary for each fund) on behalf of the senior management
  • planning for and participating in quarterly meetings with investors
  • assisting in updating and maintaining various fund models and databases
  • traveling with managing partners and other top-level executives to meet with current and prospective investors
  • Working closely with the entire fund management team, including the fund manager, controller, chief financial officer, and fund analysts and associates
  • serving as an intermediary between the managing partner and the limited partner advisor committee