Employment Prospects


Publicists work for public relations firms that handle publicity for companies, sports teams, and other organizations. Others work directly for companies. Some are self-employed, working directly with clients.

Starting Out

The best way to become a publicist is by gaining experience while you are in college. Many internships are available at this level, and landing one is the best way to get your foot in the door. As an intern, you may be asked to contribute to publications and write and prepare press releases. This will give you a great opportunity not only to learn how to generate all of this material, but also to begin collecting samples of your writing and to develop your clip file. Every interviewer you meet will ask you for your clip file, since it provides proof of your journalistic and public relations writing skills. Established public relations companies may also offer in-house training programs.

Advancement Prospects

Publicists advance by gaining employment with more prestigious organizations, companies, or individuals, by becoming public relations managers, or by opening their own public relations firms. Others leave the field to teach public relations at colleges and universities.

Tips for Entry

Read Public Relations Journal, Strategies & Tactics, and the Issues & Trends Daily E-Newsletter (both available at

Visit the Career Resources section of the PRSA Web site to access undergraduate resources, get help with your resume and cover letter, and take advantage of a complimentary resume review.

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