Employment Prospects


Purohits are employed by Hindu temples, which are located throughout the world (but most commonly in India, Nepal, Mauritius, Fiji, and Bhutan). They are also hired by individuals to perform religious rituals and ceremonies in their homes. More than 200 Hindu temples are located in the United States; many are found in California, Texas, and New York.  

Starting Out

Many purohits only begin training to become priests in middle age after raising their families, but an increasing number are choosing to pursue this vocation in their 20s. Some purohits have parents or relatives who were priests (archakas).

In the United States, those seeking priest positions should contact Hindu temples directly to inquire about job openings. A list of Hindu temples in the United States can be found at https://shaivam.org/temples-of-lord-shiva/hindu-temples-in-united-states-of-america-usa.

Advancement Prospects

An experienced purohit might become the administrator of her temple, while keeping up with priestly responsibilities. Although those in religious vocations are not typically motivated by the accrual of wealth, some purohits choose to work at larger temples to earn higher pay or receive a better benefits package. Some purohits have secular jobs as teachers, nurses, social workers, dentists, doctors, and lawyers, among many other careers. 

Tips for Entry

Read Hinduism Today (https://www.hinduismtoday.com) to learn more about the religion.

Visit http://www.australiancouncilofhinduclergy.com/uploads/5/5/4/9/5549439/female_hindu_priests.pdf to read “Female Hindu priests in India are making strides in a male-dominated profession.”

Talk to purohits about their careers. Ask them for advice on entering the profession.