Real Estate Developers


Employment Prospects


Real estate developers often work independently or open offices in communities that have property with the potential for development. The activity of the real estate marketplace will dictate the number of opportunities in a given community.

Starting Out

There is no specific way to become a real estate developer. Successful real estate developers are always central to the project, facilitating communication among the various participants. This often requires finely tuned diplomatic skills. Their proven track record, professional manner, and influence in the real estate world are their biggest assets. They have the ability to sell ideas and secure large sums of money from investors and lending institutions.

Most developers do not begin their careers in this field. They frequently have backgrounds as lawyers, architects, real estate brokers, or general contractors, positions that allow them to gain the expertise and contacts necessary for success in real estate development.

Many real estate developers secure work because they have an established reputation. Their contacts and knowledge in a particular community or type of real estate allow them to work more effectively than others. But developers are also successful because of their abilities in analyzing the marketplace, structuring solid investment proposals, facilitating the creation of the development entity, and overseeing projects.

Advancement Prospects

The real estate developer is really at the top of the profession. Advancement involves larger, more prestigious projects and earning more money. Such achievements may take several years. It is important to keep in mind that even the most successful developers suffer setbacks when projects fail. For those not-so-successful developers, such setbacks can end a career.

Tips for Entry

For real estate industry job listings, visit: and

Participate in internships with a real estate developer that are arranged by your college’s career services office. 

Apply for entry-level jobs with real estate developers. Take advantage of these opportunities to make networking contacts and learn as much as you can about the industry.