Reservation and Ticket Agents


Employment Prospects


Reservation and ticket agents hold approximately 126,300 jobs in the United States. Commercial airlines are the main employers. However, other transportation companies, such as rail, ship, and bus lines, also require their services.

Starting Out

To find part-time or summer work, apply directly to the personnel or employment offices of transportation companies. Ask your school counselor or college placement director for information about job openings, requirements, and possible training programs. Additionally, contact transportation unions for lists of job openings.

Advancement Prospects

With experience and a good work record, some reservation and ticket agents can be promoted to supervisory positions. They can also become city and district sales managers for ticket offices. Beyond this, opportunities for advancement are limited. However, achieving seniority within a company can give an agent the first choice of shifts and available overtime.

Tips for Entry

Talk to your school counselor about summer jobs with transportation companies, like railroads.

Plan or organize a vacation for family members or friends to become familiar with transportation schedules and pricing.

Volunteer or find a part-time job with an emphasis on customer service or public relations.

Contact airlines, bus companies, and rail companies directly to learn more about job opportunities.