Risk Managers


Employment Prospects


Approximately 697,900 financial managers, including risk managers, are employed in the United States. Airlines, banks, insurance companies, manufacturers, government agencies, municipalities, hospitals, retailers, school districts, construction firms, nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities, and other organizations all employ risk managers.

Starting Out

College career services offices can put students in touch with recruiters from industries that employ risk managers. Recent graduates can also search the Internet for risk manager job listings, as well as visit the Web sites of employers of risk managers, such as corporations, service providers, government agencies, and other public and private organizations. Some risk managers join insurance companies, insurance brokerage firms, or consulting firms that provide risk management services to clients.

Some individuals gain experience and education while working in accounting or personnel departments and later move into risk management positions.

Advancement Prospects

There is good potential for advancement in the risk management field. Many risk managers work in a related field, such as in a human resources department handling employee benefits.

Risk managers may eventually become a personnel supervisor or finance department head, become a human resources director, or join the insurance industry. Some become independent consultants. Membership in professional associations that offer networking opportunities can lead to better positions in the field.

Risk managers usually hold mid-level management positions and often report to a financial officer. Some, however, become vice presidents or presidents of their organizations.

Tips for Entry

For job listings visit: https://www.rims.org/resources/career-center.

Join professional associations to access industry publications, training and networking opportunities, and employment opportunities.

Participate in internships or part-time jobs that are arranged by your college’s career services office.