Security Systems Installers and Workers


Exploring this Job

Learn more about the security systems industry by visiting the Web sites of companies such as ADT. Look for the careers section and read about the types of jobs offered and the backgrounds of the people working in the field. Find out from family members and friends if they know someone who works in security systems and see if you can speak with them to learn more about the pros and cons of the job. Explore trade associations such as the Electronic Security Association, among others, to find out about industry news, publications, and upcoming events where there are opportunities for networking with security systems professionals.

The Job

Security systems installers and workers install, maintain, and repair security and alarm systems, devices, and equipment. They use blueprints for reference to electrical layouts and building plans. They use various tools and methods to install components such as control panels, window and door contacts, sensors, or video cameras and electrical and telephone wiring. When the work is done, they explain to customers how to use the system, demonstrating the steps to take and what to do when a false alarm happens. Installers and workers also make sure circuits and sensors are working. They feed cables through spaces in walls, ceilings, or roofs so that they reach fixture outlets.