Social Media Workers


Employment Prospects


Social media workers are employed by advertising and marketing firms that offer social media consulting services to companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. They are also directly employed by businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies.

Starting Out

Aspiring social media workers can learn about job openings by visiting job search Web sites that specialize in social media careers, utilizing the services of their college’s career services offices, or applying directly to consulting firms or companies that have a need for social media professionals.

Advancement Prospects

Some of the jobs covered in this article, such as community manager and blogger outreach managers, are entry-level. Others, such as social media director and vice president of social strategy, require holders to have first gained years of experience in marketing and business. 

Advancement prospects are good for social media workers who demonstrate initiative, drive, and detailed knowledge of social media applications and technology. With experience, they can move into managerial or executive positions or start their own consulting firms.

Tips for Entry

State in your social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) that you are seeking a job in social media. Use keywords such as "social media," "community," and "engagement" in your resume. Resume scanners often look for these and other buzz words to select potential job candidates.

Use social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up to date on industry developments and learn about job openings. Participate in online forums to raise your professional profile.

Visit the following Web sites for job listings:


Participate in internships or part-time jobs that are arranged by your college’s career services office. 

Conduct information interviews with social media workers and ask them for advice on breaking into the field.