Sports Equipment Managers


Employment Prospects


High schools, colleges, universities, and professional sports teams throughout the country hire equipment managers, although the number of positions with professional teams is limited, and they are very difficult to obtain. Several sports need the help of equipment managers, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and lacrosse.

Starting Out

Some equipment managers began exploring the field in high school, where they served as volunteers for their sports teams. Others worked in that position in college, which is helpful for developing contacts for potential employment after graduation. An assistant equipment manager might start out doing a team's laundry or helping to fit shoes and helmets for a particular sport, advance to ordering equipment for all the sports, and finally help with budgeting and contracts with athletic equipment suppliers. 

Advancement Prospects

Sports equipment managers can be promoted to more advanced positions in the athletic department, including athletic director and administrative assistant, and some can land positions with sporting goods companies. In this industry, it is important to work your way up through the system.

Tips for Entry

Join the Athletic Equipment Managers Association to receive member-only access to online forums and educational opportunities, publications, and other resources. Student (high school and college) and professional memberships are available.

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Talk with sports equipment managers about their careers. Ask them for advice on landing your first job.