Swimming Pool Servicers


Swimming Pool Servicers


Swimming pool servicers clean, adjust, and perform minor repairs on swimming pools, hot tubs, and their auxiliary equipment. There are millions of pools across the country in hotels, parks, apartment complexes, health clubs, and other public areas. These public pools are required by law to be regularly serviced by trained technicians. In addition, the number of homeowners with pools is increasing, and these private pools also need professional servicing.

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High School Diploma



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The amount of money swimming pool servicers make depends upon the region of the country in which they work (which determines the length of the swimming season), services provided by the business, and levels of experience. According to SalaryExpert.com, in 2020, pool technicians with one to three years of experience earned average salaries of $30,636. The average salary for those with more than ...

Work Environment

Swimming pool servicers generally work alone and sometimes have little client contact. Most of the work is not particularly strenuous, though kneeling, bending, and carrying equipment from a van or work truck to the pool is necessary. Servicers work both indoors and outdoors and usually perform their duties in pleasant weather. They must handle chemicals, requiring the use of protective gloves ...


The employment outlook for swimming pool servicers is tied to the health of the economy. When the economy is strong, existing pool owners are more willing to pay for pool cleaning services, and more people are interested in installing swimming pools. The opposite is true when the economy is weak. As the economy strengthens, more people will return to work and have less time to clean and maintai...