Taxi Drivers


Employment Prospects


Approximately 50,250 people work in the taxi and limousine service industry in the United States. Taxi drivers are often employed by a cab service and drive cars owned by the company. Some drivers pay a fee and lease cabs owned by a taxi company, while others own and operate their own cars.

Starting Out

Usually people who want to be taxi drivers apply directly to taxicab companies that may be hiring new drivers. Taxicab companies can be found through online searches and the Yellow Pages. It may take some time to obtain the necessary license to drive a cab, and some companies or municipalities may require additional training, so it may not be possible to begin work immediately. People who have sufficient funds may buy their own cab, but they usually must secure a municipal permit to operate it.

Advancement Prospects

Taxi drivers have limited advancement opportunities. Some may become managers or independent operators. Others may become lead drivers, who train new drivers, while also still working regular driving shifts. 

Tips for Entry

Try to obtain as much driving experience as you can.

Talk to taxi drivers about their careers. Ask them for advice on breaking into the field. 

Contact taxi companies to inquire about job opportunities.