Transplant Coordinators


Employment Prospects


A number of different institutions and organizations require transplant coordinators. There are at least 250 transplant centers across the country and 58 organ procurement organizations; there are also tissue-typing labs. These organizations and centers may be hospital-based, independent, or university-based.

Starting Out

Many transplant coordinators begin their professional careers in other areas such as nursing, business, psychology, social work, or the sciences before they seek a career as a transplant coordinator. Positions for transplant coordinators are advertised nationally in medical publications and on the Internet. NATCO – The Organization for Donation and Transplant Professionals also offers job referral information.

Advancement Prospects

There may be internal advancement opportunities within a clinic such as senior coordinator or senior educator. Other managerial or supervisory positions may also be a way of advancing within the career. There are other aspects of transplantation, such as surgery or hospital administration, which may be available with additional education and experience.

Tips for Entry

Read Progress in Transplantation ( to learn more about the field. 

Search the job listings sections of professional associations' Web sites to learn more about the work and potential opportunities.

Join NATCO – The Organization for Donation and Transplant Professionals and other organizations to access training and networking resources, industry publications, and employment opportunities.

Volunteer for NATCO committees, special interest groups, and work groups to raise your profile and make networking contacts.