Truck Dispatchers


Employment Prospects


Truck dispatchers work in local and regional trucking, transportation, and freight companies. They are employed by companies such as United Parcel Service, FedEx, YRC Freight, XPO Logistics, JB Hunt Transport Services, Schneider National, Roadway Moving, and Crete Carrier Corporation, to name just a few.

Starting Out

Many trucking companies train dispatchers while they are on the job. They also provide dispatch manuals for dispatchers to study and use as reference for the work. Dispatchers may start out in other departments of the trucking company before moving into dispatch. In large trucking companies with a dispatch team, entry may be as a junior or assistant dispatcher.

Advancement Prospects

Truck dispatchers with four to five years of experience in successfully managing truck deliveries and pickups may advance to senior truck dispatcher or dispatch supervisor positions. They may move up to manage the dispatch department in large trucking and freight companies. They may also move into other senor-level and management roles in the trucking business.

Tips for Entry

Get an internship or part-time job in a trucking company. Working in the customer service department can introduce you to the trucking company's customers and services.

Visit trucking companies' Web sites to learn more about their history, products and services, staff, industry news, and employment opportunities.

Join a professional association such as the American Trucking Associations for access to educational programs and career support.