Employment Prospects


Many licensed physicians and surgeons, including urologists, are partners in or wage-and-salary employees of group practices. Others work in hospitals or for federal, state, and local governments, outpatient care services, and educational services. Some urologists are self-employed in their own practices. According to the American Medical Association, about 75 percent practice in metropolitan areas and the remaining 25 percent are located in rural communities.

Starting Out

Many new physicians and surgeons, including urologists, choose to join existing practices instead of attempting to start their own. Establishing a new practice is costly, and it may take time to build a patient base. In a clinic, group practice, or partnership, physicians share the costs for medical equipment and staff salaries, and of establishing a wider patient base.

Urologists who hope to join an existing practice may find leads through their medical school or residency. Another approach is to check the various medical professional journals, which often run ads for available positions. Urologists just starting out can also hire a medical placement agency to assist them in the job search.

Urologists who hope to work for a managed care organization or government sponsored clinic should contact the source directly for information on position availability and application procedures.

Advancement Prospects

Advancement for urologists generally comes by establishing a reputation of exceptional skills and expertise among their peers and with their patients. Some urologists establish their own private practices, while others choose to teach in universities or medical schools.

Tips for Entry

Visit https://careercenter.auanet.org for career-related resources and job listings.

Join the American Urological Association (AUA) and the American Medical Association to access training and networking resources, industry publications, and employment opportunities.

Attend the AUA’s annual meeting to network and participate in continuing education classes.

Read the Journal of Urology (https://www.auajournals.org) to learn more about the field.