Venture Capital Analysts


Employment Prospects


Venture capital firms are located throughout the United States and the world. Analysts are typically only hired by large firms. They can also work for the portfolio companies of VC firms, investment and commercial banks, in other alternative investment sectors such as private equity, and for any other employer that requires financial analysis.

Starting Out

The best way to land an analyst position is to participate in an internship or cooperative educational experience at a venture capital firm. You can find such opportunities by visiting the Web sites of large VC firms, utilizing the resources of your college’s career services office, and visiting job-search sites such as and Interns compile performance and financial data, help partners prepare for monthly meetings/calls with portfolio companies, create spreadsheets to streamline processes and better analyze data, and work on other projects as directed by partners or the chief financial officer. 

Advancement Prospects

Unlike principals and some associates, analysts are not on the partner track. Most analysts typically work at a venture capital firm for two to three years before leaving to earn their MBAs, work in operation roles at a portfolio company, or found a start-up.

An analyst who earns an MBA and obtains some operational and entrepreneurial experience might return to a VC firm as an associate or principal. After years of experience, they can advance to the position of general partner, and then managing partner. Some choose to work at portfolio companies or other businesses, with the most skilled gradually advancing to the positions of chief financial officer, CEO, and chief operating officer.

Tips for Entry

Visit the following Web sites for job listings:


Join the International Association for Quantitative Finance (IAQF) and other professional organizations to participate in networking events, take continuing education classes and webinars, and receive discounts on conferences and publications. The IAQF offers membership options for college students and young practitioners. 

Networking is key to landing a job in the VC industry. Visit to read “Successful Networking for a Venture Capital Job.”