Yoga and Pilates Instructors


Employment Prospects


Yoga and Pilates instructors work in fitness centers, gymnasiums, spas, dance studios, and community centers. Most employers are for-profit businesses, but some are community-based, such as the YMCA or a family fitness center. Other job possibilities can be found in corporate fitness centers, colleges, nursing homes, hospitals, and resorts. In smaller towns, positions can be found in health care facilities, schools, and community centers.

Starting Out

If you have been attending yoga or Pilates classes regularly, ask your instructor for ideas on training programs and if he or she knows of any job leads.

Often, facilities that provide training or internships will hire or provide job assistance to individuals who have completed programs. Students can also find jobs through online employment sites, classified ads, and by applying to health and fitness clubs, YMCAs, YWCAs, community centers, local schools, park districts, religious groups, and other fitness organizations. Many companies now provide fitness facilities to their employees. As a result, students should consider nearby companies for prospective instructor positions.

Advancement Prospects

Yoga and Pilates instructors who have taught for several years and have the proper training can move into an instructor trainer position or, if they have the necessary capital, they may choose to establish their own private studio. To own a yoga or Pilates studio, the instructor should be confident in his or her ability to attract new clients or be willing to ask old clients to move from their old class location to the new studio. With a bachelor's degree in either sports physiology or exercise physiology, instructors can advance to the position of health club director or to teach corporate wellness programs.

Tips for Entry

Search for job listings at and

Attend the Pilates Method Alliance’s annual meeting and the Yoga Alliance’s Annual Conference to network and participate in continuing education workshops.

Talk to yoga and Pilates instructors about their careers. The Yoga Alliance provides a database of its members at, which can be used to identify possible interview candidates. 

Inquire about work-study opportunities at your local yoga or Pilates studios. This will provide an opportunity to learn how to maintain a studio, meet with other students, and take classes.