Highest Wages for Women in STEM Roles by State: Part I

Published: Mar 22, 2024

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With the number of students studying STEM disciplines increasing rapidly in the last several years, we will start to see more women taking on STEM roles in the near future. A recent study conducted by bio convergence company CYTENA revealed the highest wages for women in STEM roles by state, as well as the average gender pay gap. In this two-part series, we’re going to show you the states that offer the highest wages for women in STEM roles. Let’s begin.


Minnesota ranks 36th in the U.S. in terms of the gender pay gap in STEM roles, with an average difference of around $12,000. Despite this, Minnesota has the tenth highest estimated annual salary for women in STEM professions, coming in at around $120,000. For those who are thinking of relocating for a STEM career, Minnesota is also a great place to live. The state is known for its county fairs, museums, and amusement parks, and it’s also considered one of the healthiest cities in America, providing numerous opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and surfing.


Coming in just above Minnesota is Vermont, where the average annual salary for women in STEM fields is around $120,400. Vermont also holds the distinction of having the lowest gender pay gap in STEM roles in the U.S., with a difference of around $3,800. The “Green Mountain State” is notable for its vibrant natural landscape. All those trees aren’t just for show either, as Vermont is well-known for its delicious maple syrup. Like Minnesota, Vermont is one of the healthiest U.S. states with its local farms, GMO laws, and numerous outdoor adventure spots. You may also have a chance to spot Champ, Vermont’s very own lake monster that allegedly inhabits the waters of Lake Champlain.


For a slightly higher average annual salary, STEM professionals may consider seeking employment in Nevada. There, women in STEM fields can expect to make around $120,800 a year. In comparison to Vermont’s gender pay gap, Nevada’s is a bit higher at around $7,500. Nevada is perhaps best known for Las Vegas and all it has to offer in terms of nightlife, but it’s also a great place for individuals who love outdoor recreation, wildlife, and striking natural landscapes. In addition to this, Nevada has an excellent art scene with many museums and theaters for those who want to view artwork inspired by the state’s history and landscape or take in a performance art show.

North Dakota

Our first meaningful jump in the average annual salary for women in STEM professions comes from North Dakota. Those who are interested in living and working in North Dakota can expect to make around $122,800 per year in STEM roles. It’s worth mentioning that along with this increase in the average annual salary comes a wider gender pay gap of around $12,000. The “Peace Garden State” has a ton to offer in terms of its history, including Theodore Roosevelt National Park, The National Buffalo Museum, and The Plains Art Museum. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a trip to Lake Sakakawea, where there are many available activities, such as boating, scuba diving, and camping, just to name a few.


Topping off the bottom five on our list is Massachusetts. There, women in STEM roles can expect to make an average annual salary of around $124,450 and in terms of the average gender pay gap, the difference is around $11,000. If you’re a history buff, Massachusetts has got it all. From the first library and lighthouse in America, to the city of Boston and all that it has to offer. For those who are interested in the darker and more mysterious side of history, the ocean-side town of Salem features the famous Salem Witch Museum, a huge draw especially around Halloween. Massachusetts is also home to some of the most dedicated sports fans in the world, and features the popular vacation spot, Cape Cod.

Whether you’re a student studying a STEM discipline, a young professional, or an experienced STEM worker, you should always seek to earn the salary you deserve. Depending on your circumstances, relocating could be a game changer for your life, especially if it means a substantially higher salary. If you’re considering relocating to any of the states on this list, check out our previous blog for some helpful tips. Be sure to check out part two of this blog, where we show you the five states with the highest earning potential for women in STEM roles.