Highest Wages for Women in STEM Roles by State: Part II

Published: Mar 26, 2024

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Welcome back to our list of the highest wages for women in STEM by state. Based on data collected by bio convergence company CYTENA, we’ve put together a list of the top ten U.S. states for women in STEM professions. If you haven’t read part one yet, you can do so at the link. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s get right into the top five states with the highest average salaries for women in STEM.


Kicking off the top half of the list is Oregon. There, the average annual wage for women in STEM fields is around $125,300, with the average gender pay gap being $9,770. On top of those STEM earnings, people living in Oregon aren’t subject to sales tax, so your money will go further. Oregon is also home to several natural wonders, such as Crater Lake and Hells Canyon, making it a great place to live for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. In addition to this, the city of Portland has a lot to offer, such as the Saturday Market, which features over 100 vendor booths selling artwork, jewelry, organic soaps, international foods, and much more.

New Mexico

New Mexico has one of the smallest average gender pay gaps on this list, with a difference of around $7,900, and in terms of annual earnings, women in STEM roles make an average salary of around $125,900. The city of Albuquerque is home to one of the most-photographed events in the world, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. There, attendees can enjoy concerts, firework shows, and hot air balloon rides, among other activities. New Mexico is also a great place for adventurers and features extensive cave systems and other natural landscapes to explore. Lastly, if you’re someone who wants to believe, you can visit the UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell.


Getting into the top three, the average annual salary for women in STEM fields in Wisconsin comes in at around $128,000. Despite this, Wisconsin has one of the highest average gender pay gaps on the list with a difference of around $11,160. Those who enjoy outdoor activities will find lots to do in Wisconsin, from the hiking trails and sea caves of the Apostle Islands, to the beaches and lighthouses of Door County. Wisconsin is also known as the Water Park Capital of the World, and adventurers can visit a number of amusement and water parks, resorts, and state parks in Wisconsin Dells.


Alaska’s average annual salary for women in STEM roles comes in at second on our list, at around $128,900. It also has one of the lowest average gender pay gaps, with a difference of around $6,800. If you like traveling by train, then you’d love Alaska. With very little infrastructure compared to most other U.S. states, the Alaska Railroad is the primary method of long-distance travel. Alaska is also well-known for its wildlife, and in your travels you might spot some members of the “Big Five,” which is comprised of moose, grizzly bears, caribou, Dall sheep, and gray wolves. To increase your chances of witnessing any of these majestic creatures, you can visit one of Alaska’s many parks, such as Denali National Park or the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

New Jersey

New Jersey is the top state on our list, and for more reasons than one. First, let’s get the bad news out of the way—New Jersey has the highest average gender pay gap on the list, with a difference of around $13,500. The fact that we have such pay gaps at all is a topic for another day, so for now let’s look at the bright side. New Jersey has the highest average annual salary for women in STEM roles, coming in at around $129,000. By any standard, this is a very respectable salary, and it will provide an excellent quality of life.

So, what about New Jersey? From resort destinations such as Atlantic City and Asbury Park to amusement parks like Six Flags Great Adventure and Diggerland, there’s fun for everyone. New Jersey is also home to a number of historical spots, such as the village of Batsto and Thomas Edison National Park. Fans of the outdoors will find plenty to do in New Jersey; after all, it’s also known as “The Garden State.” There are numerous hiking trails, parks, and scenic spots to visit such as the cherry blossoms of Newark.

If you’re looking to get into a STEM role or your circumstances allow you to relocate for work, you might want to consider moving to one of the states on this list. For some helpful tips on relocating for work, check out our previous blog. It’s important for students and women in STEM professions to know that they can earn a very nice salary despite the gender pay gap. That said, the gender pay gap is a reality we all must face, and we’ll be tackling that subject in some form in the future.