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Atlanta-based Aprio is one of the 25 largest CPA firms in the U.S. Full-time staff get access to extensive formal and on-the-job training and the ability to transfer within various areas of the firm. Aprio has more than 2,100 team members, who speak more than 60 languages and work with clients in over 50 countries.

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Katherine Marrero – Director, Talent Acquisition (Full-time...

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Aprio is ideally looking for personable, ambitious, motivated, positive, friendly candidates who are eager to learn and have strong communication skills. The firm offers valuable internships for students, providing interns with extensive training, hands-on experience with clients, opportunities to network with other interns, the ability to attend company events, and access to senior staff who are willing to help. For its full-time staff, Aprio provides many career development opportunities, including solid formal and on-the-job training and the ability to transfer within various areas of the firm.

Aprio goes to great lengths to promote a good work/life balance for its staff, offering an unlimited vacation policy, remote work arrangements, and two firmwide closure...

About the Company

Aprio is a business advisory and accounting firm whose professionals work across advisory, audit, tax, outsourcing, talent solutions, and private client services. Aprio serves clients in numerous industries, including manufacturing and distribution, non-profit and education, professional services, real estate, construction, government contracting, technology and blockchain, and restaurant, franchise, and hospitality. Aprio has more than 2,100 team members, who speak more than 60 languages and work with clients in over 50 countries.

Employee Reviews

  • “Aprio seems to encourage WFH, which is great, as this is the direction the world is going and for the firm to be willing to allow employees to WFH is extremely attractive.”

  • “We get unlimited time off, and the firm is very flexible when it comes to taking time off. The workload is heavy, though, and billable hours requirement is high.”

  • “Overall, I believe the firm goes to great lengths to promote a good work/life balance, which is very important to quality of life. Vacation policy allows staff to take unlimited days off, which is very liberal and seldom an issue, but you must get your work done. Staff is allowed to work from home two days a week, and I don’t foresee this changing anytime soon. The firm is closed two weeks of the year: July 4th week and Thanksgiving week, which is nice. However, I find the July week interferes a little with planning time off during the summer—being forced to take off a week when prices are high or may not be a convenient time for other family members. During tax season, extra hours are expected, which is the norm in the tax world—staff must figure out how to get their additional hours in during busy season, which is nice and better thana being told you must work X number of hours per weekend with Y hours on a weekend. We get a lot of flexibility, which helps to maintain a good quality of life at work and at home.”

  • “The DTO and paid holiday benefits are great, and the firm is flexible with hours so that you don’t have to miss out on important personal events if they are during work hours. They are very supportive of their people and their families, and there are many opportunities for fun and life-enhancing benefits offered by the firm. However, the charge hour goals are quite high and hard to achieve if you are taking advantage of other non-billable programs and opportunities with the firm (and are also using your DTO at the expected frequency). It is up to the employee what percentage of the annual charge hours goal they want to hit, and they won’t be penalized if they are in a lower bucket, aside from bonus earning potential. But there is a bit too much pressure on hitting your hours during busy season.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interview process was pretty good from my experience. The ideal candidate is hardworking but also loves to have a good time and has high personal and professional values. We are not just a firm but also a family, and we support each other through thick and thin. Priorities are not just work-related but also personal- and family-related.”

  • “The interview and callback process was timely straightforward and what you would probably expect. The ideal candidate is someone with strong communication skills who is ready to learn and ask questions. When working in the IAS group, you will constantly be communicating with teammates, clients, managers, etc., so being able to articulate ideas and think critically is highly important.”

  • “Interviews are set up with candidates through our recruiting department. Once they determine if it will be a good fit, the recruiters set up interviews with various team members. The team members will hold interviews and rate the individual. The ideal candidate is someone who aspires to get their CPA, whose goals and personality align with the firm culture, and who is ambitious, positive, eager to learn, and friendly.”

  • “The ideal candidate is self-motivated, a high achiever, good with technology, always willing to learn, effective with communication, easy to work with, and overall pleasant.”

Perks & Benefits

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