BDO USA, P.C. is a global professional services firm providing assurance, tax, and advisory services for a diverse range of clients. Its internship program exposes students to real-world experience alongside senior leadership who coach and teach along the way. BDO is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where an individual feels like there are no limits to what they can achieve by being their authentic self.

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Vault Verdict

BDO USA is ideally looking for curious, dynamic, motivated, outgoing, enthusiastic candidates who are eager to learn and grow professionally. BDO’s valuable internship program provides students with hands-on experience, great training, a mentorship program, and networking opportunities with other interns and staff. For its full-time staff, the firm offers extensive growth opportunities, including a fantastic formal mentorship program, bi-annual performance meetings, and live and virtual training covering technology tools, soft skills, industry trends, and more.

In general, BDO offers its staff great work/life balance. While hours can certainly be long during busy season, team leaders are mindful of their team members’ workload, evenly distributing work and making...

About the Company

BDO is one of the world’s largest accounting and professional services firms, working in more than 160 countries worldwide. BDO is the sixth-largest accounting firm in the U.S., measured by annual revenues. In 2023, BDO booked revenues of $2.8 billion. BDO professionals provide assurance, tax, and advisory services to a wide range of publicly traded and privately held companies.

The firm’s industry experience includes consumer services; financial services; government and public sector; government contracting; healthcare and life sciences; manufacturing; natural resources; nonprofit and education; private equity; professional services; real estate and construction; and technology.

BDO's roots date back to 1910 when 22-year-old immigrant Maximilian Seidman, who grew up in a tenement on Manhattan&#...

Employee Reviews

  • “I appreciate BDO’s policy around the flexible use of time considering everyone has a different personal background. It's good to know that I can make up time as needed throughout the week if unable to do so during regular work hours. I also really appreciate the ability to work remotely. It makes a huge difference in how I achieve my work goals.”
  • “The firm wants to take care of you and your quality of life. There are lots of opportunities for flexibility, whether that is day to day or formally. If you need a few hours off to go to the doctor, or work four 10-hour days rather than five eight-hour days, or work less than full time to be able to take care of your kids—they're all options. There are also a handful of mental and physical well-being resources you can take advantage of firmwide that are free to use. That said, busy season is busy season, and work needs to get done. I personally took a hit mentally this last year because it felt like busy season never really ended (other than your hours going back to around 40). The job is stressful, and difficult clients or low numbers of staff to meet the office's needs meant that you were stretched thin more than the expected January to April. Unfortunately, this isn't uncommon in the industry right now, but BDO is aware of this and your managers (and office managing partner, if need be) will work with you to help you in any way you might need.”
  • “I would say the firm offers great work/life balance. Obviously, it can get crazy during busy season, but within my team my leaders are always mindful of everyone's workload, making sure the work is evenly distributed amongst our team and always willing to help out or find resources if needed. They are also very mindful of everyone's hours and productivity, and making sure that no one is feeling burnt out.”
  • “I work in tax, so obviously there are particular times of the year where things are busy. If we have to work during a holiday, the firm does allow us to take that time off on another day during the year. Also, the firm trusts that we are professionals who will get our work done, so use of PTO is always encouraged.”

Why Work Here

BDO’s core purpose is our core promise: “Helping people thrive, every day.” This mindset powers our growth by supporting the development of our people, the success of our clients and the betterment of our communities.

BDO creates an environment that nurtures and develops its talent, offering meaningful experiences where you can thrive personally and professionally. Throughout your career with BDO, you can expect access to comprehensive training, dedicated mentorship and coaching, exposure to a diverse range of industries, opportunities to explore various career paths, global connectivity, and the ability to develop essential leadership skills.

Getting Hired Here

  • “I believe our firm is looking for someone who has a deep interest in public accounting and wants to further their career in accounting. The ideal candidate is well educated, wants to learn and work with great people who will mentor them along their journey, wants an awesome work culture, and wants work/life balance.”
  • “The interview process for entry-level associates is a series of two to three interviews with HR and a couple of department professionals differing in levels. The firm's ideal candidate would be an outgoing and enthusiastic individual who is looking develop and grow professionally. The firm understands that entry-level candidates may not be technically sound in their knowledge of tax, so want someone with a willingness to learn and who is ready to take on the firm's core values.”
  • “The ideal candidate takes initiative, is willing to learn, and is thoughtful. One does not need much prior knowledge or experience, as a lot of on-the-job training handles any gaps. Interviewing is handled on multiple levels, so any person applying truly understands the company and/or team they're interviewing with. Callback is quick, within a couple weeks.”
  • “Ideal candidates are curious, dynamic, and motivated. They love to learn and have a growth mindset. BDO is in a massive growth stage, so joiners can have a real hand in shaping the BDO of the future, which is very exciting. Many people come from the Big 4 because they can actually have an impact here; people are receptive to new services and products in a way the Big 4 teams cannot be because of the crushing amount of work.”

Perks & Benefits

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