CBIZ Cares

In honor of CBIZ’s 20th Anniversary in 2016, we wanted to give back to the communities in which we live and work. We embarked on a project we named “CBIZ Cares” and encouraged all of our offices to have their team members volunteer up to five paid hours at a nonprofit organization selected by that CBIZ location. CBIZ Cares was such a success that we decided to make it an annual initiative!

CBIZ cares

Each of our local offices may spend time volunteering at organizations of their choice, with individuals receiving up to five paid hours to do so.  We ask for each CBIZ location to have a CBIZ Cares Leader; this person identifies and selects volunteering opportunities with nonprofits and subsequently organizes CBIZ team members to participate in the project. Since the inception of CBIZ Cares, we have volunteered more than 31,500 hours for over 480 organizations in our communities.

While volunteering is a major component of CBIZ Cares, it is not the only one! Under this program, we also support fundraising initiatives such as hosting a local charitable campaign or provide funding for a CBIZ team to participate in a walk/race benefitting a nonprofit, etc.

Another key element of CBIZ Cares is our annual CBIZ National Food Drive, which was established in 2009. During this two-week event each fall, we ask our team members for monetary or non-perishable food donations to provide to their local food bank. We make the Food Drive fun by sponsoring a friendly competition between offices. Each office is categorized by team member count and the top two offices in each category with the greatest amount of food and monetary donations (measured by the total pounds collected divided by team member count) receive a prize. A local Food Drive leader in each office coordinates the donation efforts and asks their peers if they would like to volunteer to serve on the Food Drive committee, which helps organize fundraising events and constructs the display of collected food. To date, we have donated more than 10 million pounds of food across the country.

In partnership with our CBIZ Women’s Advantage program, we sponsor an annual campaign to benefit Dress for Success (DFS). Worldwide | Dress for Success DFS is a non-profit organization that provides professional attire for job interviewing, career/life counseling, technology training and mentoring support to thousands of disadvantaged women each year. Participating CBIZ offices have a DFS leader who may also work with a committee composed of their peers to develop creative campaigns for fundraising. To date, we have donated 61,000 clothing or accessory items, 3,100 personal care bags, and more than $750,000 in cash. And, we created and deliver at no-cost, the Dress for Success Leadership University – powered by CBIZ, which is a leadership development program for the DFS directors located across the world.

We also care about being environmentally friendly! In 2018 we renewed our commitment to our green initiatives and launched a national Green Team with the goal to reestablish practical and actionable solutions to support a sustainable environment.  In 2019 we launched Green Teams in our local offices; these teams then embarked on eco-friendly activities regarding recycling, office equipment, office supplies and building facilities. From 2019 to the end of 2021 we recorded more than 2,600 actions across our offices!

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