Accounting firm Moss Adams is looking for motivated self-starters with strong technical skills. The firm treats interns like full-time staff and allows them to learn alongside senior professionals. Career advisors and mentors help full-time staff navigate the beginning of their careers. Staff also get free Headspace subscriptions, gym memberships, and counseling.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Accounting 25


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Accounting (Tax, Assurance), Consulting & Wealth Management


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Jennifer Burnett- Human Resources Manager

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Moss Adams is ideally looking for personable, open-minded, kind, honest, detail-oriented, inquisitive team players who have a growth mindset and are eager to learn. The firm offers valuable internship to students, providing interns with hands-on experience, training and networking opportunities, and a clear sense of what a full-time position looks like. For its full-time staff, Moss Adams offers extensive career development and growth opportunities, including an excellent mentoring program, great on-the-job training, and the ability to advance at an accelerated rate.

While hours can be long and demanding during the busy season, the firm focuses on providing its staff with a healthy work/life balance and good quality of life. There are many work/life initiatives t...

About the Company

Seattle-based Moss Adams is a professional services firm that provides accounting, consulting, and wealth management services. It’s been in business for nearly 110 years with more than 4,300 professionals across more than 40 locations, primarily in the Western United States. In addition to Washington State, Moss Adams has offices in Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado Utah, and Texas. The firm serves private and not-for-profit clients in more than 30 industries, including apparel; communications and media; construction; automotive and dealer services; financial services; agribusiness; forest products; wine, beer, and spirits; health care; life sciences; manufacturing and consumer products; not-for-profit; government services; real estate; hospitality; restaurants; technology; tribal and gaming; and power and utilities.


Employee Reviews

  • “Outside of our busiest time of year, vacation and personal time comes first. During our busiest time of year, we understand life happens and we remain flexible within the bounds of client commitment. Public accounting is tough in patches but provides incredible flexibility as to work location, work hours, and type of work.”
  • “The firm truly does want their employees to have a work/life balance and does a better job than Big 4s at pushing this. But it's public accounting, employees will work long hours.”
  • “During busy season, the expectation is to work 55 billable hours per week. It's expected that an employee won't take personal time off during that time. Most people try to work 11 hours per day and have their weekends off, but it rarely works out that way. It feels like you're working all the time. On the other hand, the pay is good, and summer through winter is usually pretty easy and less demanding and seems to offset busy season.”
  • “My quality of life since starting at Moss has been exceptional. Coming into this work and industry, I knew that long hours should be expected during tax season. What I didn't expect is how many extra benefits the firm would offer to balance out the long work hours. For example, free lunch, access to physical therapy and mental health therapists via app programs, lunch reimbursement for working more than 10 hours in a day, flexible work hours, and hybrid work options. All in all, Moss's efforts to support my work/life-balance has been pretty amazing.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Overall, a candidate that is client facing seems to be in high demand. It is great to have technical skills, but so much of what we do is in front of the client. Our interview and callback process is pretty swift. There are four interviews, some technical, some behavioral, and then you know within the next two weeks if you are hired. It is also just a great place to start too because there are so many opportunities.”
  • “The firm is great about the interviews and following up. The process is really quick. You are not wondering where you are in the process. The ideal candidate the firm is seeking is concerned about fellow man (their coworkers). Everyone helps everyone here. It’s really a team concept. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable about the work they are hired to do and to see how else they can assist the firm in moving forward.”
  • “My first interview was with the recruiting team who were just asking the basic questions to ensure we were qualified for the position. The second interview was with a couple of people in the firm at the senior/manager level who gave us some more information about the firm and asked questions to see if we had the right success skills to be a part of the team. The final interview was with two of the tax partners from my desired office location. During this interview, they both asked me some questions about why I wanted to work here and generally just tried to get to know my character. The whole process was not too stressful, and the recruiting team was very good about communicating throughout the process. The ideal candidate that the firm is seeking would be someone who has a growth mindset, interacts well with people, and is open-minded, kind, honest, and detail-oriented.”
  • “The interview process is pretty standard for public accounting and rather laid-back. The firm seems to seek out individuals who are team players, work well with others, are willing to learn and ask questions, and are inquisitive, optimistic individuals. We spent time discussing the company culture and daily life experience, which opens plenty of opportunity for candidates to express themselves.”

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