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Accounting firm Moss Adams is looking for motivated self-starters with strong technical skills. The firm treats interns like full-time staff and allows them to learn alongside senior professionals. Career advisors and mentors help full-time staff navigate the beginning of their careers. Staff also get free Headspace subscriptions, gym memberships, and counseling.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Accounting (Tax, Assurance), Consulting & Wealth Management


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Kelli Cline, Campus Recruiting Leader,

Vault Verdict

Moss Adams is ideally looking for hardworking, motivated, respectful, positive, authentic, eager-to-learn team players with strong academic records, a knowledge of basic accounting, and solid leadership skills. Moss Adams runs an excellent internship program for students, providing valuable training, many opportunities to network with colleagues across various locations, and “buddies” and “career advisors” who offer helpful guidance and career advice. For its full-time staff, Moss Adams also offers an extremely valuable “buddy” and “career advisor” mentoring program. Staff frequently meet with their “buddies” and “career advisors” to get help with goal-setting and support for getting to work in the service line/industry of their choice. In addition, staff can get promoted quickly ...

About the Company

Seattle-based Moss Adams is a professional services firm that provides accounting, consulting, and wealth management services. It’s been in business for 111 years and employs more than 4,750 professionals across more than 30 locations in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado Utah, and Texas. Moss Adams also has an office in Bangalore, India. The firm serves private and not-for-profit clients in more than 30 industries, including aerospace and defense, agribusiness, apparel, automotive and dealer services, communications and media, construction, e-commerce, energy and utilities financial services, food and beverage, forest products, foundations, government contractors and services, health care, higher education, hospitality, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing and consumer products, not-for-profit, private clients,...

Employee Reviews

  • “Best aspect is how understanding everyone is. Most of our managers and senior leadership have families of their own and are very accommodating to each employee’s season of life. Worst aspect would be a theme throughout the entire profession of public accounting—busy season hours.”

  • “We have busy seasons like any other public accounting firm. We work hard during those seasons but are pretty much left alone during our off-seasons, so it’s easy to take time off, get CPE, just rest up a bit. We are pressured to bill heavier during the busy season but certainly within reason. If you have a low week, you’re not harassed into working more the next. It’s usually just a check-in like: ‘Okay, how is everything going?’ The culture is great. We have a lot of women on our teams and more diversity in certain teams than most firms. It leads to a more open and welcoming culture in general.”

  • “Using PTO outside of busy season is easy. It’s during busy season that it gets a little harder. But if it’s for a family emergency or wedding, there is an understanding that family comes before any job. The expectation is that you’re not taking your full-on vacations during busy season, as that period is ‘all hands on deck’ to get work done by deadlines.”

  • “In a public accounting career, we all have to work longer hours at some point due to client’s deadlines, etc. But overall, I think the hours at Moss Adams are less than at some of the bigger firms, and the firm’s culture is very respectful of personal time off. We still have five weeks of PTO for each staff regardless of their level; senior managers who’ve been with the firm for more than 10 years get six weeks of PTO. The career advisors check their advisees PTO accruals balances to ensure their advisees are taking time off.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Moss Adams was the most actively communicative company in regard to recruitment when I was searching for an internship. I wasn’t stuck waiting in limbo like I was with some other firms. I submitted my application and within days got a response back from recruiting and set up my first interview easily. I actually forgot to schedule a second-round interview with a senior manager and partner due to mid-terms, but they were totally understanding and flexible with me after I reached out. Within days of that second-round interview I received a call from the partner I spoke to, extending me an offer. This all took place within the span of two weeks. As for the ideal candidate, if you've got an accounting degree, you’re already up to snuff. Culture really is a priority at Moss Adams, and that means being motivated, respectful, and positive. If you have an accounting degree, and you are authentic then you’re an ideal candidate!”

  • “The interview process is fairly straightforward. You apply, and if meet their basic qualifications, they’ll reach out with a list of interview times for you to choose which one you can attend. All my interviewers were very nice. There is definitely a certain kind of candidate that Moss likes. They usually like really intelligent students with good work experience or strong leadership. I would say having a strong GPA and some kind of experience helps a lot in the recruitment process.”

  • “Interviews and callbacks are transparent. I’m a former member of the recruiting team, and we were kept on tight deadlines in submitting feedback so that the recruiters could send out offers on the day promised. An ideal candidate is someone who is not afraid to take ownership of their career. They strive to do better and do more than the minimum but know their limits.”

  • “The interview process is great. I wasn’t intimidated by who interviewed me. If anything, it felt like we became friends by the end of the interview. I was also called back 30 minutes after the interview with a job offer—it was really nice I didn’t have to wait. I also thought the call before sending over the offer letter was a nicely added personal touch. I believe the ideal candidate Moss Adams is seeking is someone who not only has the knowledge of basic accounting but also can also be a part of the team and get along with everyone. Someone who wants to learn and isn’t afraid of asking for help when needed.”

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