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PKF O'Connor Davies is one of the 30 largest accounting firm in the U.S. The firm truly cares about career development and growth. Interns get meaningful work and the ability to interact with senior professionals, while full-time staff get mentoring opportunities, valuable and useful feedback, and extensive training. A healthy work/life balance can be achieved—the firm understands employees have lives outside of work, and offers plenty of PTO and benefits.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Accounting 25


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Harrison, NY


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Kevra Esposito, Talent Acquisition Director (Full-time positions)

Vault Verdict

PKF O'Connor Davies is looking for enthusiastic, hardworking, open-minded candidates who are willing to learn, have strong analytical skills and have a solid understanding of accounting. The organization runs a valuable internship program for students, offering hands-on experience, mentoring, supportive staff, and an open-door policy by seniors. Full-time staff have access to extensive career development opportunities, including great mentorship, a supportive and helpful culture, and valuable informal training. One drawback is that formal training could be better.

A healthy work/life balance can be achieved, as PKF O’Connor Davies provides a lot of flexibility with respect to where and when work gets done. PKF O’Connor Davies is very understanding of personal...

About the Company

PKF O’Connor Davies is a full-service certified public accounting and advisory practice that serves domestic and international clients. According to Accounting Today’s 2024 “Top 100 Firms” list, PKF O’Connor Davies is the 26th-largest accounting firm in the U.S., as measured by annual revenues. Accounting Today also named the firm one of the “Leaders in A&A” and “Leaders in Consulting,” and recognized it as one of the “Top 5 Firms in the Mid-Atlantic.” PKF O’Connor Davies has more than 1,500 professionals and more than 250 partners, and is the lead North American organization in the PKF International network of independent accounting and advisory firms, with offices in over 400 locations in 150 countries around the world.

Employee Reviews

  • “I would say this is our best quality. As a new working mother, I never feel pressure from the firm to choose between family time or work. The firm also provides a healthy vacation policy. The workflow at busy points during the year is never unmanageable. I would say the only improvement that can be made is the maternity leave policy. Compared to other public accounting firms, it is not great at PKFOD.”

  • “From my experience, the firm is very responsive and understanding of personal matters. They have worked with me in the past to assist me with issues outside of the workplace. They offer time off and actually seem to care that you are a person, not just an employee. With any job, there are busy times of year that cannot be changed. As a service industry, we are at the mercy of deadlines and providing deliverables to clients. I would say that is the only downside to the job, as it negatively affects work/life balance during these times. Despite this, my superiors have been accommodating during such times for certain instances (weddings, funeral, etc.). During the summer and winter months, our firm offers Fridays off or ends early. The catch is that we need to make up for that lost time earlier in the week. I find this to be a bit unfair since the majority of staff members work twice the number of hours in a normal work week for roughly four months of the year. Overall, though, I would say I am satisfied with my firm’s quality of life.”

  • “There are definitely efforts made to improve work/life balance in the summer months and December with early log offs (although the weekly minimum hours are still expected to be billed). This would be great in an ideal world. However, there are plenty of clients who desire to have their audits finalized during the summer so that their tax returns don’t come down to the deadline. I also work on bookkeeping clients, so this creates a pretty busy schedule year-round. However, when I have requested to take time off, it is generally approved without issue, as long as I provide enough notice and ensure coverage. There are some instances of superiors putting unnecessary pressures on me leading up to it, but I believe this is due to them worrying, not that they do not want me to take the time.”

  • “While we have our busy season where some of us are working seven days a week, we have great flexibility outside of that. The firm makes every effort to accommodate people’s schedules as long as the work gets done. Providing employees with a work/life balance is always a focus and goal.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The callback process and interview process are very smooth. The firm is looking for enthusiastic and open-minded professionals who are willing to learn. A lot of the learning happens on the job. Ideal candidates fit the great company culture, are hardworking, and have the mindset to learn from others.”

  • “The firm’s interview and callback process is very thorough and intentional. The ideal candidate that the firm is looking for is a team player with a good work ethic. A positive attitude is also an important attribute.”

  • “The firm is seeking hardworking, adaptable individuals who value work/ life balance. The interview process is not overly time consuming (either one or two interviews per candidate at most) and candidates can expect to hear back within the week on next steps.”

  • “Ideal candidate is motivated and willing and excited to learn. Candidate should be analytical and have a strong understanding of accounting.

Perks & Benefits

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