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PwC is widely considered to be the world's most prestigious and progressive accounting firm. It offers extensive career development opportunities, including formal coaching and mentoring, informal mentoring, excellent trainings, and clear promotion paths. It’s also heavily focused on CSR initiatives and improving DE&I. It set a carbon neutrality goal for 2030, and has many offerings for its staff to get more informed about DE&I issues and take anti-bias training.

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One of the prestigious Big 4 professional services firms, PwC is ideally looking for driven, open-minded, curious, inquisitive candidates with strong communication and problem-solving skills who are eager to challenge themselves. For students, the firm runs a valuable internship program, exposing interns to challenging real-world assignments, many opportunities to network with other interns and full-time staff, formal training, the ability to work with emerging technology, and mentoring opportunities. In addition, interns have access to partners, directors, and senior managers, who are all available to answer any questions interns may have. For its full-time staff, PwC offers many growth and learning opportunities, including an excellent mentoring program, valuable trainings, stru...

About the Company

New York-headquartered professional services firm PwC LLP is the U.S. member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, whose network of firms serve approximately 85 percent of Fortune Global 500 companies and more than 100,000 entrepreneurial and private businesses. In the U.S., PwC has 79 offices, employs more than 75,000 people, and booked $22.75 billion in revenues in its latest fiscal year, ending June 30, 2023.

PwC LLP focuses on audit and assurance, tax, and consulting services. Additionally, PwC LLP concentrates on 16 key industries that include but aren’t limited to consumer products, fintech, life sciences, pharmaceutical, and technology; and provides targeted services that include but aren’t limited to cybersecurity and privacy, human resources, deals and forensics. By revenue, it’s the second-largest accounti...

Employee Reviews

  • “PwC has a great culture and emphasizes hard work yet also a balance with your personal life. I think that as long as you communicate with your team, you are able to work around anything else that you want to do outside of work.”

  • “The firm’s ‘Be Well, Work Well’ commitment is a reflection of how much they care about their employees. Even though hours can be long and tough during busy season especially, they do everything they can to provide a work/life balance.”

  • “When it’s not busy, it’s very easy to take time off and have time to work and spend time with friends/family. The most challenging part is busy season, when having time to do other things than work is nonexistent.”

  • “They are SO supportive and encourage people to take care of themselves. But it takes a great deal of effort for staff to figure out how to balance it all, because we still have to pull our weight and work long hours. That said, I can’t imagine any other firm being so flexible and supportive. I truly mean it when I say I have the best public accounting job to exist.”

Why Work Here

At PwC, we are committed to developing leaders at all levels. To do this, we’ve embraced a fresh and distinctive leadership model called the PwC Professional that enables our people to develop skills that will help them grow their careers – at PwC or beyond. The PwC Professional is designed to arm you with leadership skills, no matter what your role or job title. It will help you be the best you can be so you can help our clients meet their needs and tackle the challenges redefining our world.

The PwC Professional is your roadmap to success, as we help you learn skills in five main areas: whole leadership, business acumen, technical capabilities, global acumen and relationships. Each dimension of the PwC Professional will help you stay smart, versatile, relevant and successful.

Are you ready to build a career in a rapidly changing world? Developing as a PwC Professional means that you will be ready – to both create and grab opportunities to advance your career, and fulfill your potential.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Interviews are performed both virtually and in person. Interviews are performed by a manager and partner, who collaborate and discuss the candidates based on our internal framework. If an offer is warranted, the partner will call within a few days to inform the candidate we would like to extend an offer. We’re seeking candidates who are highly driven, strong speakers, and inquisitive.”

  • “Interviews tend to be a half hour or less and limited in number. Typically, there’s only one round of back-to-back interviews for interns and staff. As for callbacks, it depends on the needs and time of year, but they are typically performed within a couple of weeks of the last interview. Ideal candidates tend to be driven to learn, willing to take on challenges, and curious enough to ask questions that drive their learning and growth. Everything else from a requirements perspective is role-dependent.”

  • “Ideal candidates are flexible and willing to commit to the requirements of the job. They are kind, driven, ready to learn, accepting of change, and eager to take on challenges and better themselves. Good communication skills are a must.”

  • “PwC is looking for people who are, just like the firm, ‘purpose-led’ and ‘values-driven.’ If you haven't already, I would encourage you to write out your own purpose and vision statements for life, and see how they align with PwC’s. PwC wants its interns to: 1) Be curious and try new things, 2) Have an open mind and ask questions, 3) Problem solve with effective tools and techniques, 4) Produce high quality work, 5) Keep up-to-date on technical developments in their industry, 6) Handle and analyze data responsibly, 7) Communicate confidently, clearly, and concisely verbally and in writing, 8) Embrace different viewpoints, adopt a global and inclusive mindset, and welcome opposing viewpoints, and 9) Uphold the firm’s code of ethics. The firm also seeks people who have demonstrated problem-solving skills, the ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks at once, interact with various levels of leadership verbally and in writing, and self-motivation to take responsibility for personal growth and development. The five attributes of PwC’s professional framework are: whole leadership, business acumen, technical and digital, global and inclusive, and relationships.”

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