PwC Consulting Services integrates functional knowledge across the globe to help clients address their most challenging business problems. The firm has the opportunities, mentorship and technology to help take your career to the next level. Becoming a consultant at PwC will allow you to develop deeper expertise in your area of focus and establish yourself as a leader.

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Mohamed Kande

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In a business environment dominated for much of 2022 by labor shortages, it’s no surprise that a company with the scale and capabilities of PwC found itself in strong demand: its advisory unit alone pulled in more than $20.7 billion globally, up 23.5% over 2021, with thousands of new employees joining the firm over the period.

All of which positions the company well heading into 2023, with its services likely to be just as necessary even in the event of a seemingly inevitable downturn. As such, there are very few companies that can offer the combination of stability and career growth that is currently on offer at PwC.

Of course, that scale isn’t always easy to manage: it’s easy to feel like a cog in the machine at PwC, and a consistent theme amo...

About the Company

New York-headquartered professional services firm PwC LLP is the U.S. member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, whose network of firms operate in 152 countries, employ more than 327,000 people, and serve 84 percent of Fortune Global 500 companies and more than 100,000 entrepreneurial and private businesses. For the 12 months ending June 30, 2022, its revenues were $50.3 billion.

PwC Consulting Solutions professionals help all kinds of companies—from multinational corporations to ambitious small businesses—meet their goals and take on today’s more pressing business challenges. The firm is positioned as the pre-eminent strategy-through-execution firm in the marketplace.

In terms of industry expertise, the firm has expert talent and resources across multiple areas including: aerospace and defense, ...

Employee Reviews

  • “There are high expectations, but everyone is very focused on growth and improvement and wants to uplift those around them. That is built into the culture from Partner level and down and is made very clear to new joiners and junior talent.”
  • “Employee centric. PwC is a partnership and thus employee-owned by senior management. Career progression past middle management is partner. Unlike traditional corporations where senior positions are limited, you are valued based on the contributions to the firm and can contribute to the firm's success and create the need for additional partners. Thus, instead of filling a partner position you can create the need for one for yourself.” 
  • “I started with no consulting experience and had a government defense contracting job which was the total opposite of PwC. My first project was high visibility, high prestige, and very fast paced which made me grow and make a ton of mistakes. Now, my other projects are not so bad because I taught myself how to keep my head above water.”
  • “It does not in any way feel like a corporate outfit - while the firm is world-class, I do not get the feeling of stuffy suit-and-tie attitudes. We are more than employees - we are people, with families and hobbies as well as careers, and we have voices which can be heard and ideas which can be seen and impacts which can be felt, both within and without. I truly feel like I am part of something bigger which is making a positive change in the world.”
  • “PwC's culture is unmatched. Everyone is welcoming, kind, extremely smart, and willing to lend a helping hand. I feel comfortable with everyone I've met at the company and I know that I've made friends for life from this firm. Each and every person at the firm has taught me something. They come from all parts of the world, with all different interests, degrees, specialities, and perspectives. They always say the best way to improve is to surround yourself with people smarter than you and I have successfully done that working at PwC.”

Why Work Here

Here, you’ll learn with purpose, lead with heart and put your skills to work to make a meaningful difference in the world. As part of a diverse team, you’ll build innovative products and technology solutions for clients in unexpected ways.

If you join us, you’ll help organizations meet the challenges and opportunities of the US marketplace in the areas of Tax Services, Consulting Services, and Products & Technology. We attract top technology professionals from around the world—from those just starting their careers to experienced professionals.

Powered by integrated digital tools of today, you’ll provide services, build innovative products and technology solutions that will refine the ways we work and support our clients. Our purpose, vision and values are what connects the more than 284,000+ people across the PwC global network of firms and helps distinguish us in the marketplace and with our clients. Discover more about the firm including our impact on society, our commitment to creating a culture of belonging, and how we are investing in technology and our people.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Candidates will go through a series of interviews starting with HR, then progressing to current employees of firms. The ideal candidate has the appropriate skills and experience for the role and can share specific examples that demonstrate their competency. They should think critically, understand our business, and communicate effectively.”
  • “Hiring process was extremely slow, it took months to get the interviews and being communicated if the process still in progress, and even after that to get the offer letter took longer than I could expect or based on my previous experiences. The feedback was not received in an appropriate time.”
  • “In my opinion the Recruiters does an exceptional job of follow up within a timely fashion. We realize it's a competitive market so you must move right away. The ideal candidate has previous consulting and M&A experience for the practice I support.”
  • “[Company is seeking] Someone that is themselves and hardworking, the firm is big in diversity so if you bring your true self and show to be honest, kind, caring, driven then that is someone I believe the firm will hire.”
  • “The interview and onboarding process was straight forward. One recruiter is assigned as your main contact and they regularly reached out via e-mail and phone. When they said it would be 3 days to know results of first round of interviews, they reached out on day 3 with feedback and next steps. It was about a 3 week process of screening tests and 2 rounds of interviews. Once the offer came, it was about 10 weeks until start date, which worked out well for me. The onboarding process before start date takes time, so the time was used to complete the independence review and background checks, which is a regulatory requirement of all audit firms and the reason for the gap between job offer and start date.”

Perks & Benefits

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