RSM is the leading U.S. provider of audit, tax, and consulting services focused on the middle market. Interns get hands-on experience with clients, and full-time staff get extensive training and mentoring. RSM has an “own your future” mentality that rewards staff for taking charge of their careers. RSM participates in numerous charity events, and its 11 D&I networking groups offer webinars, conferences, and various events.

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10,001+ Employees


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Vault Accounting 25


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Assurance, tax and consulting, with focuses on a variety of...


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Chicago (HQ), IL


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Lauren Bostwick, Talent Acquisition Leader

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RSM US LLP is ideally looking for hardworking, personable, motivated team players who are eager to learn. The firm’s internship program provides students with valuable hands-on experience, treating them like full-time staff and thus giving them an accurate picture of what a full-time role looks like. RSM provides extensive career development opportunities for its staff. There are many mentoring opportunities, internal mobility options, and numerous trainings.

RSM places a tremendous amount of importance on work/life balance and schedule flexibility, and its culture is very supportive. However, busy seasons do mean long hours and demanding work. Meanwhile, the firm’s compensation and benefits are competitive. Insiders say they feel fairly compensated in general, b...

About the Company

RSM US LLP (RSM) is the leading U.S. provider of assurance, tax, and consulting services focused on the middle market, and the fifth largest professional services firm in the country by annual revenues. In its latest fiscal year, the firm booked revenues of $3.6 billion. Today, the firm has more than 16,000 employees in 82 offices nationwide and in Canada. RSM US LLP is a member firm of RSM International, a network of independent accounting and consulting firms in more than 123 countries with more than 51,000 people across the globe. RSM US LLP is led by Brian Becker, who was named managing partner and CEO in 2022. 

Employee Reviews

  • “The culture at RSM can't be topped. We put inclusivity at the forefront of our values and also attempt to promote the well-being of our people. Quality of life is top priority. As with most public accounting firms, the worst aspects of firm's overall quality of life are the busy times of the year where more hours are worked and there is less overall flexibility. However, the addition of a hybrid work environment (part in-person, part remote) helps quality of life.”
  • “Lots of flexibility around where we can work and ability to take time off. But it can be hard to manage time off with client expectations and internal expectations (needing to always be available and/or plugged in).”
  • “The firm places a tremendous amount of importance on work/life balance and flexibility. Since Covid, they have extended self-managed time off to all titles/levels, and have provided an additional week of closed office time between Christmas and New Year’s. This has given all employees the flexibility to decompress from work, spend time with family, and come back refreshed for the new year.”
  • “Public accounting is demanding. The firm does promote off season downtime, and there is a lot of flexibility once your teams trust you to get your work down. Nobody is looking over your shoulder once that trust level is there, which allows you to get your work done in times that work for you.”

Why Work Here

At RSM, we believe in the value of every person.

Our culture embodies inclusiveness and understanding, empowering our people to be their authentic selves and share their unique perspectives. Seeking to understand with empathy, demonstrating our core values and showing that we care fosters an inclusive environment and an engaged, talented workforce that reflects the diversity of our community. Together, our people’s individual talents and diverse perspectives strengthen our teams and enhance the unique insights that we provide to our clients.


Our brand is “the power of being understood,” so understanding is where we begin.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Interview process is an initial meeting with one of our HR representatives, and then a virtual interview with two or three of our higher-level audit personnel (manager and above). There’s a formal approval/denial from the interviewers within a software system used for evaluating interviewees. Official offer would be provided to interviewee after all interviewers have submitted feedback into the system. Ideal candidate is easy-going in the interview, has thought-out responses to questions, asks good questions of their own, and is eager to learn.”
  • “We have dedicated people who focus on recruiting to ensure that the hiring process is effective. Ideal candidates are self-motivated individuals who want to grow in their technical ability and people skills, enjoy working in teams, and are willing to take responsibility.”
  • “Ideal candidates are interested in mid-market clients, are very team-oriented, value work/life balance, care about our clients as much as getting the work done. Interview process starts early (freshman/sophomore year) and generally involves campus recruiting events followed by campus interviews and then office interviews.”
  • “During my interview, I remember answering one or two basic interview questions, but the rest was more like a coffee catch-up meeting than an interview. I felt comfortable just talking with my interviewer, and that was a big part of why I picked RSM. My interview was part of a matching program in college, so my ‘callback’ was more of an email from my professor that I was matched with RSM (meaning I chose them as my No. 1 firm, and they chose me as their first-choice intern). The ideal candidate RSM is seeking is not afraid to go up to a partner to ask questions, is a critical thinker who doesn't just do something to get it out the door, and likes to have fun even during the 60-hour busy season weeks (we like to take little breaks in the office to have a putting competition).”

Perks & Benefits

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