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RSM is the leading U.S. provider of audit, tax, and consulting services focused on the middle market. Interns get hands-on experience with clients, and full-time staff get extensive training and mentoring. RSM has an “own your future” mentality that rewards staff for taking charge of their careers. RSM participates in numerous charity events, and its 11 D&I networking groups offer webinars, conferences, and various events.

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Lauren Bostwick, Talent Acquisition Leader

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RSM US LLP is ideally looking for smart, positive, outgoing, curious, adaptable, eager-to-learn candidates with strong communication, time management, and leadership skills. The firm’s internship program offers students significant hands-on, real-world experience while working with actual clients alongside full-time members of the RSM team. For its full-time people, RSM offers many development opportunities, including good formal and informal training, a very valuable mentoring program (where junior staff get help with daily work as well as career goals), and the ability to move within various areas of the firm.

Although busy season hours can be long, and it can be challenging to take PTO during busy season, outside that season, it’s easy to achieve a healthy wor...

About the Company

RSM US LLP (RSM) is the leading U.S. provider of assurance, tax, and consulting services for the middle market, and the fifth largest professional services firm in the country by annual revenues. In its latest fiscal year, the firm booked revenues of $3.9 billion. Today, the firm has more than 17,000 employees in more than 80 offices nationwide and in Canada. RSM US LLP is a member firm of RSM International, a network of independent accounting and consulting firms in more than 120 countries with more than 64,000 people across the globe. RSM US LLP is led by Brian Becker, who was named managing partner and CEO in 2022.

Employee Reviews

  • “Public accounting has long hours, but the firm provides many mental health and other similar benefits to support employees. Vacation time is encouraged. I’ve never had a time off request denied and have actually been encouraged to take more.”

  • "With any public accounting role, there is a period of time in busy season where hours are long and work/life balance is minimized. However, outside of that season (January to April), RSM is very good at promoting time off and re-energizing ourselves, physically and mentally. I am able to attend my son’s events, even in busy season, which is important to me as a parent—we need to be present in our kids’ lives. I take about seven weeks off in total, from PTO and paid holiday time collectively. That is nearly two times more than any firm in industry.”

  • “The firm provides flexibility as long as you meet the chargeable hours goals. The firm has become stricter with its policies to ensure efficiencies. Added administrative tasks have increased the burden on professionals—people now have to juggle administrative work, client work and their personal lives.”

  • “I have a very flexible schedule that allows me to take off when I want, as long as work is being completed in a timely manner. As with any public accounting firm, there are times of the year that are much busier than others. However, the flexibility of the job outweighs the long hours.”

Why Work Here

At RSM, we believe in the value of every person.

Our culture embodies inclusiveness and understanding, empowering our people to be their authentic selves and share their unique perspectives. Seeking to understand with empathy, demonstrating our core values and showing that we care fosters an inclusive environment and an engaged, talented workforce that reflects the diversity of our community. Together, our people’s individual talents and diverse perspectives strengthen our teams and enhance the unique insights that we provide to our clients.


Our brand is “the power of being understood,” so understanding is where we begin.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Interview process includes a series of interviews with managers and partners, after which we deliberate and determine if we should extend an offer. Ideal candidate is one who can portray willingness to learn and is able to maintain a conversation. Soft skills like communication and effort are higher on the list of priorities than past achievements (although past achievements are not unimportant).”

  • “Interview and callback process is robust. We are interviewing throughout the year for intern and new hires. We even interview for interns at the sophomore level. We are seeking strong candidates who possess a positive attitude and good communication, time management, and leadership skills. We are also seeking those who are curious and can adapt quickly and apply what they are learning.”

  • “During the interview process, candidates get to meet multiple people within the office to get insight into the culture. Ideal candidate would be knowledgeable and eager to learn and enjoys being involved in office activities.”

  • “The firm has made decent improvements in the interview and callback process to lock-in ideal candidates. Ideally, we look for smart, driven, curious and inclusive candidates to be a part of our firm.”

Perks & Benefits

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