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Advancy offers a range of consulting services, from corporate strategy to private equity. With its team of more than 250 consultants, the firm has an entrepreneurial spirit to go along with its services, offering its clients the jumpstart and guidance their businesses need.

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Vault Consulting 25 EMEA


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Vault Verdict

Advancy insiders describe a dynamic, intellectually stimulating work environment where compensation is highly competitive and reflective of the firm’s transparent and performance-based culture. The firm is celebrated for its great team spirit, entrepreneurial ethos, and a culture that fosters early responsibilities and deep analytical work. Insiders enjoy engaging in interesting and challenging projects across diverse industries, and the potential to make rapid career progress that comes with all of that.

Better yet, the firm appears to be on an impressive growth trajectory, with a robust outlook even in uncertain market conditions, underscored by strategic new office openings and a strong performance relative to the industry.

Overall, Advancy o...

About the Company

Advancy was founded in 1999 by Eric de Bettignies, a former Kearney consultant. Since its inception, the company has grown to more than 250 management consultants based out of offices in France, North America, London, Germany, Australia, South Africa, and India. The company’s management structure consists of 10 managing partners, each of whom oversees a variety of industries, and its headquarters is located in Paris, France.

Advancy provides an array of services to its clients, including corporate strategy, marketing and sales, process efficiency, and private equity. Those looking to start a career in consulting with Advancy will find opportunities in many of its global locations. The company features an in-depth onboarding process, which includes on-the-job training, and access to a large network of experienced consultants.

Employee Reviews

  • “Excellent career launching pad (and just career as a whole!).”
  • “Great opportunity to go far quickly if you are analytical and work hard.”
  • “If you are interested in a mix of industry and strategy exposure, you are right with Advancy. You should be very curious and willing to deep dive into the product analysis of the markets.”
  • “The most incredible learning and progression opportunity of your life.”
  • “We go into more detail and have to prove ourselves based on our work and not just rely on brand recognition which delivers work (in my opinion) of a higher quality than competitors.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “4 case studies interview (including fit interviews before the case studies), and one final informal talk with London’s partner.”
  • “It was a very quick process with 3 rounds in about 3 weeks. Always quick and relevant feedback after each interview.”
  • “We look for both strong economic backgrounds as well as strong engineers and scientists.”
  • “We seek highly rigorous, quantitative, objective and intelligent individuals. We have little prejudice of their academic field and background and will hire from any discipline. The interview and callback process is prompt and objective.”

Perks & Benefits

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