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Headquartered in France, Advancy offers a range of consulting services, from corporate strategy to investment funds. With its team of more than 250 consultants, the firm has an entrepreneurial spirit to go along with its services, offering their clients the jumpstart and guidance their businesses need.

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101-500 Employees


Sylvestre Pires

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Keith Fogerty

Vault Verdict

New to our survey in Asia-Pacific this year, Advancy has been on our radar in the US and Europe for a while, primarily for its reputation as a rising strategy shop with a genuinely collaborative, friendly culture—something we’re happy to see is also the case in APAC.

Advancy is very much a learn-by-doing kind of outfit, with formal training opportunities being replaced to a large extent by a partner class that is both willing and active in mentoring and on-the-job support. Financially, the firm offers strong compensation with rapid progression as consultants rise through the ranks. And, of course, with a global footprint there is always the potential for international projects. While it may not be hiring a huge class in any given year, it’s definitely worth keepi...

About the Company

Advancy was founded in 1999 by Eric de Bettignies, a former Kearney consultant. Since its inception, the company has grown to more than 250 management consultants based out of offices in France, North America, London, Germany, Australia, South Africa, and India. The company’s management structure consists of 10 managing partners, each of whom oversees a variety of industries, and its headquarters is located in Paris, France.

Advancy provides an array of services to its clients, including corporate strategy, marketing and sales, process efficiency, and private equity. Those looking to start a career in consulting with Advancy will find opportunities in many of its global locations. The company features an in-depth onboarding process, which includes on-the-job training, and access to a large network of experienced consultants.

Employee Reviews

  • “Great team with exciting work and a commitment to an enjoyable working experience.”
  • “High level of partner involvement across a project with both the client and the staff.
    Partners drive a lot of the strategy, acting in some ways as a manager - allows junior consultants to learn best practices etc. and also allows clients to see the consultants they are hiring are highly experienced and involved.”
  • “I think the transparency and communication between staff of all levels—from partner to intern—ideas, responsibility and value are considered equally.”
  • “The amount of partner time devoted to supporting consultants on projects - it produces a hugely better product and means we develop quickly.”
  • “They are the only CDD / strategy provider I would want to work with in Sydney in the consumer goods and retail / business services spaces.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “I am only highly exposed to junior/grad/intern hiring processes. The team is very strong at scheduling and getting face time with strong candidates (those with experience, relevant degrees and team fit). They are also looking to improve diversity, which is positive. The weakest part is the online rejection process and offering feedback to the candidates not accepted. I think this is largely due to the small team and limited time availability.”
  • “Interviews are generally conducted over three rounds with a variety of staff members.”
  • “The firm is seeking commercial and motivated consultants from diverse backgrounds who are able to work directly with clients from day one and can operate independently.”
  • “Looking for candidates with commercial acumen, numeracy and literacy skills and good interpersonal capabilities.”