With a strong reputation in economic and litigation consulting, Bates White is almost immune from the vagaries of the business cycle—a fact that has stood it in good stead over the past few years. Among consultants, the word most often used to describe the firm is “academic”—something that connotes both the type of work it does, and the fact that many of its senior employees are recruited directly out of PhD programs at top colleges. Known for training and development, this is a firm that will appeal to anyone seeking a top-tier econom...

Company Stats


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101-500 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Antitrust and Competition


Major Office Locations

Washington, DC


Employment Contact

Susie Chapman, Recruiting Manager

Vault Verdict

As an economic and litigation consulting shop with an extremely strong reputation, Bates White is a firm that will be on the mind of anyone with an interest in a career in providing expert testimony. And with good reason: the company’s experts are sought after across a wide range of cases and project types. 

While the firm will provide all the training and mentoring required to help employees achieve that “expert” status, be advised that it likely won’t come quickly. Given the high-profile nature of many of its cases, this is a firm with a defined hierarchy, with paths to the top meticulously charted out over many years—with lots of due diligence-style project work along the way.

That’s not to imply that the firm is a difficult place to spe...

About the Company

Bates White is a mid-sized consultancy specializing in advanced economic, financial and econometric analysis. The company's professional staff-among them economists, econometricians, financial analysts, and IT specialists-help law firms, corporations, and government entities address complex matters that require sophisticated problem solving and deep empirical analysis.

Co-founders Charles Bates and Halbert White set the bar as high for excellence as they did for diversity. They created a culture where bright minds from diverse backgrounds work together to build strong, collaborative relationships with clients, within teams, and in the community." The firm is uniquely focused on the cultivation of diversity within its ranks. It regularly tests, implements, and evaluates initiatives aimed at the heterogeneous widening of the...

Employee Reviews

  • “Although we are not a super small company, all employees work in the same office in Washington, DC. I feel that this gives the firm a more unified culture and community relative to firms with offices across the country/globe.”
  • “Bates White culture sets it apart from the competition. Everyone is incredibly smart and talented but most importantly they want to help each other and enjoy their time here. Firm leadership is very intentional in setting up an environment where employees can succeed and grow.”
  • “Genuine employee support: focus on firm culture and investment in growing your career. That investment translates phenomenally well to staying and developing within Bates White (an opportunity somewhat unique among our peers), to moving into an MBA, JD, or PhD program, or to working in other adjacent industries.”
  • “My co-workers are some of the smartest yet kindest people I have ever met. From early on, upper management makes you feel included in decisions. I have worked side-by-side with managers and partners only a few weeks into working at the firm, which showed me that they do not have superiority complexes or think they are better because of their positions. People encourage you to take time off after a busy week, and actually care about your concerns.”
  • “The top levels are truly collaborative and I do not believe the partners are trying to compete with one another. I think this aspect is different from many other economic consulting firms that follow more of an ‘eat what you kill’ profit model.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Applications are screened by multiple people. Candidates are then put through an interview process that includes case and behavioral interview questions. Bates White seeks someone who thinks well, is willing to learn, and has some interest in working with data.”
  • “Everyone at the firm is kind, genuine, humble, and willing to help others. Ideal candidates should thrive in a team environment, be unafraid to learn new quantitative skills, and should look forward to learning quickly through experiences. The firm does not look for specific course-load or majors from college, so long as candidates demonstrate analytical experiences and show potential.”
  • “Our interview process occurs in two stages and attempts to uncover a holistic view of each candidate. An ideal candidate for Bates White demonstrates clear interest, strong work ethic, good economic intuition, and an aptitude for learning technical skills.”
  • “The firm has two rounds of interviews. The first is a short case interview and some behavioral questions. The second round is [a half day-long] interview process with a second case interview and meeting many employees. I believe the firm is seeking individuals who are intelligent, have strong communication skills, are willing to learn, and add to the firm's culture.”

Perks & Benefits

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