Kearney—one of the original global management consulting firms—has long specialized in operations and supports clients through large transformations. The firm works with more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500, as well as governmental and nonprofit organizations. A solidly midsize firm with a strong international reputation, Kearney is poised to offer consultants the best of both worlds: the flexibility and opportunities for exposure of a boutique supported by the infrastructure of a much larger firm. The result is a great b...

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According to insiders, the hallmarks of life at Kearney are a truly collaborative culture and a genuine commitment to collective success—all rooted in respect for individuals. The firm also garners praise for its engaging work environment, diverse project exposure, and the freedom it offers insiders to shape their careers. Growth opportunities abound, supported by a practical approach to problem-solving and a highly people-oriented ethos.

However, the firm is not without its challenges. Long working hours and work-life balance issues are noted, while brand awareness may be something of an issue in certain markets—a consideration for those interested in using a stint at the firm as a launchpad for future career decisions. Despite these hurdles, Kearney's stead...

About the Company

Kearney is a leading global management consulting firm with more than 5,700 people working in more than 40 countries. Kearney has been a trusted advisor to the world’s foremost organizations for almost a century and continues to live by the principles established by its founder Andrew Thomas (Tom) Kearney so long ago: “Our success as consultants will depend on the essential rightness of the advice we give and our capacity for convincing those in authority that it is good.”

Kearney is a partner-owned firm with a distinctive, collegial culture that transcends organizational and geographic boundaries—and it shows. Regardless of location or rank, its consultants are down to earth, approachable, and have a shared passion for doing innovative client work that provides clear benefits to organizations—both in the short and long term. Kearn...

Employee Reviews

  • "Abundant opportunities with right apprenticeship and collaboration."

  • "Best culture amongst the consulting firms, very open and genuinely collaborative and down to earth firm."

  • "Exceptional growth with warmth of the colleagues."

  • "Kearney is the #1 consulting firm in ANZ in the last 3 years where we've made significant progress across large accounts and solved Australia's most strategic problems. We are a team of professionals who are also friends and enjoy the nature of work.”

  • "We really pay attention to having a bottom-up approach while dealing with clients.”

Getting Hired Here

  • "3 rounds of interview with quick decision making in general."

  • "Assessment of both problem-solving skills and behaviors through case interviews."

  • "[The firm looks for candidates that are] driven and analytical, plus great at problem solving."

  • "[The firm looks for candidates that are] high on problem solving, collaborative & partner-in-making."

  • "[The firm looks for candidates that are] well-rounded personality with strong analytical skills."

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