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Kearney—one of the original global management consulting firms—has long specialized in operations and supports clients through large transformations. The firm works with more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500, as well as governmental and nonprofit organizations. A solidly midsize firm with a strong international reputation, Kearney is poised to offer consultants the best of both worlds: the flexibility and opportunities for exposure of a boutique supported by the infrastructure of a much larger firm. The result is a gr...

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5,001-10,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50 North America


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Aerospace and Defense


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Sarah Schmitt – Recruiting Manager, Experienced Hires and Senior...

Vault Verdict

Kearney appears to be continuing its recent resurgence, even in the midst of a difficult year for many across the consulting industry. Insiders point to robust business performance, continuous expansion, and acquisition of new firms, noting that Kearney is enhancing its offerings and opening new opportunities in various sectors.

As an employer, the firm supports clear pathways for career advancement with structured training and mentorship. Kearney is conducive to the growth of high achievers who prefer to create their own career paths, offering the flexibility and support needed for personal and professional development. This environment is ideal for those who are driven, curious, and capable of thriving in dynamic and collaborative settings.


About the Company

Kearney is a leading global management consulting firm with more than 5,700 people working in more than 40 countries. Kearney has been trusted advisors to the world’s foremost organizations for almost a century and continues to live by the principles established by its founder Andrew Thomas (Tom) Kearney so long ago: “Our success as consultants will depend on the essential rightness of the advice we give and our capacity for convincing those in authority that it is good.”

Kearney is a partner-owned firm with a distinctive, collegial culture that transcends organizational and geographic boundaries—and it shows. Regardless of location or rank, its consultants are down to earth, approachable, and have a shared passion for doing innovative client work that provides clear benefits to organizations—both in the short and long term. Kearne...

Employee Reviews

  • “Do you want to really solve client problems and make a tangible impact? This is the firm for you.”

  • “Greatly benefits from smaller size by being more flat and increased exposure to leadership and benefits without sacrificing opportunities and prestige.”

  • “Kearney is a place where high achievers who want to craft their own career will succeed-- there are no templates for success which allows nearly anyone to thrive but means you have to own you career development.”

  • “Kearney's a partner-owned firm, with ~5000 employees worldwide. We perform high quality work, recruit diverse & high-quality employees, and despite our size work closely with some of the top corporations in the world.”

  • “We work with a whole organization to build buy-in, not just come in from the CEO's seat with a top-down mandate.  Our teams use a mix of confidence and humility to engage with our clients, which in the end produces results that are more sustainable over time.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “At times, there are lags between initial job postings and call-to-interview, but once initial interview is scheduled, it’s very swift and organized (outwardly facing to applicants). Professional and courteous in how applicants/interviews are treated.”

  • “[We look for a] combination of strong analytics and communication capabilities. Strong team skills and down-to-earth personality / fit.”

  • “Interview and callback process is very quick, often same day. After a day of interviews are complete, interviewers meet to discuss candidate performance and deliver decision to candidate same day or next day. Ideal candidate varies by level, but generally displays high levels of curiosity, strong communication and problem-solving skills. Direct to practice hires also have relevant experience and demonstrable knowledge of subject matter.”

  • “MBA interview process is fairly standard - starting with more behavioral / fit focus and gradually shifting weighting toward cases as you move progressively through the 3 rounds. Goes from national to more local. Experienced hire recruiting follows a different process. The ideal candidate is someone with strong problem solving and structured analytical skills, an ability to boldly think outside of the box, with the confidence to communicate their findings in a clear and succinct manner. [For junior roles, they do not need] specific set of industry or functional experience as much as core consultant skills and an ability to apply them.”

  • “The interview process was a 3-round interview with multiple case studies during that process. The interviewers are managers, principals, and partners with lots of expertise. Throughout the process it seemed like they were looking for someone who could ask the right questions.”

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