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Kearney Internship Program

227 W. Monroe Street
Chicago, IL, 60606
+1 (312) 648-0111


Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

Applicants to any Kearney internship programs need to apply via their website by submitting a resume, cover letter, and academic transcripts (if applicable).



Number Of Interns

101 or more



6 to 12 weeks





Academic Level

College Juniors


International Students Eligible


About the Program

About Kearney Internship Program

Kearney’s internship program offers applicants the opportunity to experience management consulting in a uniquely collegial way. The six- to 10-week program begins with an orientation by their local office, followed by training where interns will learn the necessary tools and methodologies required for success in management consulting. They are assigned a mentor who will stay actively engaged with their project manager, and offer continuo...

About the Company

Kearney is a leading global management consulting firm with more than 5,700 people working in more than 40 countries. Kearney has been trusted advisors to the world’s foremost organizations for almost a century and continues to live by the principles established by its founder Andrew Thomas (Tom) Kearney so long ago: “Our success as consultants will depend on the essential rightness of the advice we give and our capacity for convincing those in authority that it is good.”

Kearney is a...