L.E.K. Consulting is a global management consultancy with clients ranging from small startups to major private equity firms. Headquartered in Boston, the firm’s reach spans four continents, touching almost every major market around the globe. That—coupled with deep industry expertise across a breadth of clients and capabilities—creates a wealth of “big firm”-like opportunities at a relatively midsize firm that can offer its employees a more personalized experience than some of its larger competitors.

Company Stats


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1,001-5,000 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Management & Strategy Consulting


Major Office Locations

Boston, MA (US HQ)


Employment Contact

Renee Go - Recruiting Manager (Full time and internships)

Vault Verdict

With a global footprint, a strong reputation across a variety of fields including health care and strategy consulting, there’s little doubt that L.E.K. is one of the strongest challenger brands to the Big Three strategy shops in the industry. Make no mistake: while the firm’s name may not be as well-known in wider circles as those at the very pinnacle of the industry, L.E.K.’s capabilities and client reputation are every bit as advanced.

As an employer, L.E.K. is known for its human approach to staffing and retention—travel projects tend to be at the consultant’s discretion and, while hours can still be demanding, the firm has made inroads into mitigating these in recent years—with the rise of remote work also helping in this regard.


About the Company

L.E.K. Consulting is a global strategy consultancy that works with business leaders to seize competitive advantage and amplify growth. The firm’s engagements are targeted interventions that reshape the trajectory of its clients’ businesses. The foundation of the firm’s approach is built on:

  • Deep expertise with the technologies, business models and ecosystems of every client’s market
  • A hands-on, collaborative approach to developing solutions for long-term success
  • A philosophy of evidence, not opinion, that gets to the heart of the problem via rigorous analysis, in-depth research and an understanding of the market dynamics

Employee Reviews

  • “Collaborative work environment. We do not have an 'up or out' policy, so colleagues feel comfortable supporting and coaching one another. There is no competition between peers.”

  • “Firm culture (if you fit in with the culture) makes the job enjoyable. Not necessarily something you can fully control, but being part of social planning committees and other internal efforts helps with sense of belonging.”

  • “L.E.K. is proud of its firm culture and local model. While I constantly get to interact with employees at other offices, I am able to bond well with those at my local office. And even when meeting someone from the opposite coast, we connect over similar values that have been spread across all offices from leadership. This type of culture makes me very proud to work here. It also makes the work much more enjoyable day-to-day.”

  • “The culture of the firm and my colleagues within create an atmosphere of almost family, wherein no one wants to leave anyone else out in the cold. That, and the pace of engagements leads to very quick learning on the job, enabling a relatively fast gathering of expertise across a broad range of industries.” 

  • “We do not travel nearly as much as our competitors. This allows our people to put down roots where they live. They can see their families, friends, neighbors, and colleagues much more regularly, and that fosters a sense of community within your personal and professional life. It can be an underrated value proposition, but it sets up our people to have a full life while working a demanding job.”

Why Work Here

Whether you are a new graduate, an MBA candidate or a midcareer professional, L.E.K. Consulting can offer you exciting opportunities to pursue your career goals.

From new joiners to seasoned partners, we share a common value of developing others as we develop ourselves, leading to deeper relationships and a sense of belonging. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment, enriched with an accelerated career path and the ability to shape your better future, from day one. Be part of an international, closely connected team of exceptionally smart and aspirational yet decidedly humble and down-to-earth individuals who leverage their unique backgrounds and experiences to help our clients make better decisions and solve high-impact strategic issues at critical inflection points.

We solve for a better future. Come grow with us!

Getting Hired Here

  • “Call backs done promptly. Seeking candidates that are a) good fit with the firm b) demonstrate business acumen, c) quantitative capabilities and d) communication skills.”

  • “First round with 2 short interviews, immediate feedback (1-2 days) on progression to final round, and 3 case interviews in the final round; ideal candidates are sharp, Inquisitive, compassionate, willing to learn, humble, and confident in themselves.”

  • “Given that we have access to lots of analytically talented applicants, I think the key differentiating factor is candidates who bring a great attitude and willingness to learn in case teams.”

  • “Our ideal candidate is highly intelligent and ambitious while being well-rounded and friendly. Our interview and callback process is very standard - 3 rounds, combination of behavioral and case style interviews, including quant, business logic, and strategy cases.”

  • “The firm is quick to offer first round interviews for candidates that have a strong application. Final round interviews are much more difficult and ultimately offers will come down to demand and feedback from interviewers. L.E.K. continuously hires top talent from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. I am constantly impressed by the work ethic and intelligence of my teammates.”

Perks & Benefits

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