L.E.K. Consulting is a global management consultancy with clients ranging from small startups to major private equity firms. Although the firm’s roots are firmly planted in British soil (it began with the establishment of its London office in 1983), L.E.K. Consulting’s reach spans almost every major market around the globe. That—coupled with deep industry expertise across a breadth of clients and capabilities—creates a wealth of “big firm” opportunities at a relatively midsize firm.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 25 EMEA


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Data & Analytics


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London (HQ)


Employment Contact

Tracey Alexander (nee Ullhornn) - Human Resources

Vault Verdict

Having enjoyed rapid growth over the past few years, L.E.K. entered 2023 expecting a somewhat bumpier ride due to prevailing market conditions—most notably a slowdown in private equity activity. While this has led to a cautious outlook for the year ahead, it hasn’t slowed the firm’s desire to deliver value for clients, or its commitment to training and developing consultants—both key reasons that insiders love life at their firm.

While hours can be long—albeit in line with most of the rest of the industry—a competitive compensation package makes up for that for many, along with a culture that is regularly described as “collegial” and “friendly.” With a strong client roster, international mobility and global connections, this is a firm that will appeal to many—wit...

About the Company

L.E.K. Consulting is a global strategy consultancy that works with business leaders to seize competitive advantage and amplify growth. The firm’s engagements are targeted interventions that reshape the trajectory of its clients’ business. The foundation of the firm's approach is built on:

  • Deep expertise with the technologies, business models and ecosystems of every client’s market
  • A hands-on, collaborative approach to developing solutions for long-term success
  • A philosophy of evidence, not opinion, that gets to the heart of the problem via rigorous analysis, in-depth research and an understanding of the market dynamics

Employee Reviews

  • “A firm with truly global connections on all aspects of project delivery, and direct senior input to execution on all client engagements.”
  • “I think our commitment to rigour differentiates us. No firm wants to lack rigour, but L.E.K.'s commitment to checking, double checking and considering how we could be wrong before issuing any advice is above that which I've observed elsewhere. At its best this means clients can put a high leve of trust our advice, but at its worst we spend time double checking things that are obviously true or immaterial.”
  • “International mobility and global connections - I've been able to relocate twice around the world and the size of it means I know almost all European and APAC partners and most of the US ones - really helps us work well as a team.”
  • “The people at the firm are genuinely lovely - I am truly friends with a number of my colleagues (not just 'work friends'), and there is never any 'ego' among colleagues. I feel very lucky to work with very lovely people (especially important given the high-stress work environment).”
  • “We do regular recruiting workshops that give interested candidates the opportunity to meet part of the team and Partners, ask questions, see the office and do some case cracking together. Second to direct work experience that is probably the best way to get a sense of what we are about!”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Cultural and personality fit is a key aspect L.E.K. looks for to maintain the healthy and friendly culture of the firm.”
  • “Fairly standard recruiting process, with 4-5 interviews in 3 rounds. Always 3 parts of the interview, first fit, then case study and finally questions the candidate may have. Callback includes detailed feedback on the candidate's performance, with strengths and areas of improvement indicated. Callback is quick, usually 1 week after the interview.”
  • “Have begun anonymizing CVs which I believe has helped, though once interviews are held, these factors still influence hiring and recruiting. Ideal candidates have past consulting experience if hired at level above entry, entry-level hires come from top tier universities in English speaking countries and have a general curiosity and need for achievement (type A with insecurities).”
  • “Our process really focus on people interactions - it's something critical in the way we do thing, both in how we assess people during interviews, but also in the way we interact with them during the recruitment process.”
  • “The interview process is diligent, with 2-3 rounds approximately 2 weeks apart. The ideal candidate is one who can prove their ability to think in a structured manner, solve complex intellectual problems and importantly fit into the firm's culture. There is however no 'ideal candidate' as a breadth of capabilities and ideas is valued by the firm.”