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Trinity is a life sciences consultancy that approaches consulting from a “foundation of three": advisory, insights & analytics, and technology. The result is comprehensive, end-to-end support for clients ranging from emerging biotech firms to massive pharmaceutical companies.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Best Consulting Firms for Health Sciences Consulting


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Waltham, MA (headquarters)


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Courtney Tobin, Director, Campus Talent Acquisition

Vault Verdict

Trinity has been on a growth spurt recently, both through acquisitions and a strategic partnership with Bain, which was announced in August of 2022. While consultants are undoubtedly excited about the moves—not least the career opportunities it offers—there is understandably some concern about potential growing pains moving forward.

As a result of this growth, new hires can expect to enter a firm that is increasingly being built for performance and scale—a fairly typical experience at a PE-backed outfit in a sector of the consulting industry that is booming right now. While formal training could be improved, this is more than compensated for by the early client-facing opportunities and on-the-job learning. Speaking of compensation, there’s a sense among some insi...

About the Company

Originally founded in 1996 as Trinity Partners, Trinity Life Sciences has since grown to a global team of advisors, technical experts, data integrators, and technology innovators. Since the beginning, Trinity Life Sciences has been evidence-forward in all analyses and recommendations, focused on quality and accuracy first and foremost. Today, having leveraged its evidence-based approach and dedication into a global organization, Trinity Life Sciences has the client footprint, experience, and technology to have a powerful impact on the life sciences industry.

Trinity Life Sciences’ approach is focused on its foundation of three: advisory services, insights & analytics, and technology. By integrating these solutions, Trinity Life Sciences can meet the needs of both emerging biotech firms and established pharmaceutical compani...

Employee Reviews

  • “Commitment to empowering women in the life sciences and consulting industries through hiring, mentorship, equal compensation, and internal initiatives - I have always felt supported as a woman at this firm, and the commitment to women stood out to me even throughout the hiring process, before I started working at Trinity - it is a key reason why I joined the firm.”
  • “Great firm for those passionate about healthcare, pharma, and medical technology.”
  • “Provides you with opportunities to grow and learn.”
  • “Trinity embodies their motto that ‘every decision impacts a life’. The people are really passionate about what they do and the firm builds a strong community for its employees.”
  • “Trinity is both productive and social on a weekly basis. Employees are friends with each other and happy to come into work each day.”

Why Work Here

When we say we work hard and we play hard, we mean it. Trinity Life Sciences believes in a work-life balance. We want our employees to be challenged and engaged both in and out of the office. We pride ourselves on an active lifestyle that promotes teamwork through a variety of events. We encourage teamwork through all levels of employees by bringing community service and social bonding experiences to life through Corporate Social Responsibility.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Trinity is looking for candidates who are interested in the life sciences industry and have some background in it (whether through your major, internships, clubs, research, etc.), as well as candidates who are smart, confident, prepared for their interviews, and able to bring diverse perspectives to the table. Additionally, our new hires will now be part of a rotational program, so candidates should be willing and excited to try out different areas of our company.”
  • “I was very impressed with the responsiveness and speed of the interview/recruiting process. Trinity is very focused on building a strong pipeline, especially with on-campus recruiting. The ideal candidate is someone with strong critical thinking, poise in front of clients/leaders, and a strong work ethic that can pick up things very quickly.”
  • “Interview process was largely seamless, felt properly equipped with information heading into each. Felt that the number of interview rounds was less than what is seen with competitor firms, which was appreciated. It seemed the ideal candidate was an outgoing person that is motivated by a career in life sciences consulting. Otherwise, all seemed welcome!”
  • “The process felt fair and as though it was the right amount of time and effort. I believe it is seeking a hard worker who knows how to work well with coworkers, is a good critical thinker, and communicates well.”
  • “Trinity is seeking curious and social science-minded people that can provide their own insights to projects across the industry. They were quick to call me with an offer following my final round interview.”

Perks & Benefits

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