Withum is an advisory, tax, and accounting firm headquartered in Princeton, N.J. The firm is particularly strong in philanthropy and giving back. Full-time staff are regularly exposed to trainings, career coaching, peer mentoring, and quarterly feedback. The firm offers interns a great learning experience, as well as hands-on training. Past interns say everyone at the firm “wanted to help build me up and encourage me to experience my internship to the fullest” and that the firm puts “a heavy emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion...

Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

Apply through the company website, www.withum.com under the Careers section.



Number Of Interns

21 to 50


Featured Rankings

Best Accounting Internships






3.00 - 3.49



6 to 12 weeks

About the Program

Withum Internship duties may include, but are not limited to, assisting accounting professionals in performing accounting, auditing, and/or tax functions for a diverse client base. Internships during tax season result in a lot of exposure to actual tax return preparation. Scheduling is flexible around your school schedule. Winter internships run from January through April and vary between 20 and 40 hours per week. Limited summer internships run for six weeks during May, June, July, or August....

About the Company

Headquartered in Princeton, NJ, Withum provides a long list of services, including accounting, auditing, employee benefit services, pension plans services, tax services, litigation support, business valuation, insolvency services, transaction advisory services, and management consulting. The firm has also expanded to include digital and technology transformation services, cyber and information security services, and outsourced accounting systems and services for clients.

Intern Reviews

  • “Withum was very accommodating towards my schedule and was able to work around me when needed.  I feel like I worked the perfect number of hours every week.  The culture was very inclusive while also giving me free rein to complete your tasks by yourself and being there to help assist in answering your questions.”
  • “I worked full-time hours, and my managers were very open whenever I needed time off.”
  • “I was required to work very reasonable hours (8 hours per day), and I was able to make my own schedule, and everyone was very flexible if you had to leave early or you had something personal outside of work to deal with. The culture was welcoming and very understanding. My colleagues shared meaningful and helpful advice about work-life balance and how they prioritize it. I was able to ask any questions I needed answered, whether I was just curious or if it pertained to work. Everyone wanted to help build me up and encourage me to experience my internship to the fullest.”
  • “The overall environment at Withum was very positive as all the staff members were very helpful and assisted with any questions.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The hiring process for my internship is smooth. The interview process was comfortable and a lot better than I expected. There was a total of two rounds of interviews for me.”
  • “My interviewing process was easy, and they worked with me while I was at school to adjust to time zone differences and using virtual platforms. Some of my interviewers have become mentors and great influences on my internship experience.”
  • “The interview process was really smooth for me and many of my coworkers. I was reached out to by a recruiter for Withum on LinkedIn and applied the next day. That same recruiter was who I had my first interview with, and his goal was mainly to see if I would be a good personality fit with the firm. The second interview was with the Partner in charge of the tax department in my office. She asked me more in-depth questions about my work experience and schooling, but it did not feel too overwhelming or stressful. I could tell she really read my resume and had pointed questions relating to it. After my interview with the Partner, I received a call the next day from the recruiter offering me the internship.”
  • “I went through two rounds of interviews, which were both great. They felt like just normal conversations where I was getting to know about the interviewer and vice versa.”