Advanced Practice Nurses


Employment Prospects


Advanced practice nurses are employed by hospitals, managed-care facilities, long-term-care facilities, clinics, mental health facilities, nursing homes, home health care agencies, veterans affairs facilities, industrial organizations, nursing schools and other educational institutions, physicians' offices, and the military.

Starting Out

The position of advanced practice nurse is not an entry-level career. Most APNs enter the field after working as registered nurses and accruing several years of experience, as well as completing advanced education and becoming certified.

The only way to become a registered nurse is through completion of one of the three kinds of educational programs plus passing the licensing examination. Registered nurses may apply for employment directly to hospitals, nursing homes, companies, and government agencies that hire nurses. Jobs can also be obtained through school career services offices, by signing up with employment agencies specializing in placement of nursing personnel, or through the state employment office. Other sources of jobs include advanced practice nurses' associations, professional journals, newspaper want ads, and the Internet.

Advancement Prospects

Administrative and supervisory positions in the nursing field go to nurses who have earned at least the Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Since advanced practice nurses must have master's degrees to enter the field, they often have a good chance to advance to supervisory or managerial positions. Some advanced practice nurses continue their education and become physicians or health care executives. Others work as nursing professors.

Tips for Entry

Visit the following Web sites for job listings:

  • https://careerconnection.napnap.org
  • https://portal.nacns.org/nacns/Connections/Career_Center/NACNS/Career_Center/Position_Listing.aspx
  • https://careers.npwh.org
  • http://www.aana.com/resources2/Pages/Career-Opportunities.aspx
  • https://www.gapna.org/career
  • https://www.healthecareers.com/awhonn/
  • https://www.nurse.com/blog/category/nursing-career-and-jobs/

Join professional nursing associations to access training and networking resources, industry publications, and employment opportunities.

Conduct information interviews with advanced practice nurses and ask for advice on landing a job.

Those interested in positions with the federal government should visit the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's Web site, https://www.usajobs.gov.