Agricultural Equipment Technicians


Employment Prospects


Approximately 43,000 agricultural equipment mechanics and technicians are employed in the United States. Depending on their area of specialization, agricultural equipment technicians work for engineers, manufacturers, scientists, sales and services companies, and farmers. They can also find work with government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Starting Out

It is still possible to enter this career by starting as an inexperienced worker in a machinery manufacturer's plant or on a farm and learning machine technician skills on the job. However, this approach is becoming increasingly difficult due to the complexity of modern machinery. Because of this, some formal classroom training is usually necessary, and many people find it difficult to complete even part-time study of the field's theory and science while also working a full-time job.

Operators and managers of large, well-equipped farms and farm equipment companies in need of employees keep in touch with colleges offering agricultural equipment programs. Students who do well during their occupational experience period usually have an excellent chance of going to work for the same employer after graduation. Many colleges have an interview day on which personnel representatives of manufacturers, distributors, farm owners or managers, and dealers are invited to recruit students completing technician programs. In general, any student who does well in a training program has a good chance of employment immediately upon graduation.

Advancement Prospects

Opportunities for advancement and self-employment are excellent for those with the initiative to keep abreast of continuing developments in the farm equipment field. Technicians often attend company schools in sales and service or take advanced evening courses in colleges. With advanced education, some technicians go on to become farm managers or agricultural engineers.

Tips for Entry

Be sure to participate in internships and part-time jobs with companies that repair and maintain farm equipment in order to obtain experience, make industry contacts, and try out different career specialties.

Visit the following Web sites for job listings:,, and

Join LinkedIn groups that specialize in farm equipment repair. They are excellent ways to learn about the industry, talk with fellow mechanics, and learn about job openings.