Armored Truck Drivers


Employment Prospects


Armored truck drivers may find work with armored truck companies throughout the country. The three major ones are Brinks, Loomis, and Garda. There are more than 250 small, independent companies throughout the country as well.

Armored truck drivers may work in either the business and governmental areas.

Individuals interested in pursuing a career as an armored truck driver can locate jobs throughout the country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, investigation, guard, and armored car services employed 797,920 people in May 2018. Of these, 1,114,380 were security guards and 2,530 were transportation and material moving occupations. While all of these guards are not armored truck drivers, the statistics indicate how large the field is. Jobs openings will become available as individuals retire and leave the occupation each year.

Starting Out

As most employers, provide training prior to sending individuals out in the field, entry level jobs are available. A simple search of career sites on the web will pull up employment opportunities.

Advancement Prospects

Armored truck drivers with no experience start out as trainees. As they obtain more experience, individuals move into positions as full-fledged armored truck drivers.

Individuals with three to five years of experience become senior armored truck drivers. This results in increased earning and responsibilities. Senior drivers may have better shifts and routes. Individuals with experience who are certified often move into positions as armored truck driver managers or supervisors. Having a post-secondary degree is helpful in career advancement.

Tips for Entry

Make sure you have a clean driving record as well as a clean criminal record. Both are essential to getting and keeping your job.

Get certified. While voluntary, it will give you an edge over other applicants.

Check out some common job sites for career openings. For example, go to Web sites such as Monster.com, Simplyhired.com, and Indeed.com and put in search terms "armored truck driver" or "armored car driver" with your location.