Cage Cashiers


Exploring this Job

As a great deal of this job revolves around handling money, it is essential that you practice your math skills and ability to handle money quickly and accurately. A job, even on a part-time basis, as a cashier in any type of store will give you experience. 

Many casinos offer career and job fairs so individuals can learn more about careers in the gaming field. If you are in an area hosting casinos, you might even stop by and talk to a cage cashier to get a first hand account of the job. People are often happy to talk about their work.

You might also stop by the human resources department of a casino and speak to a human resources specialist. In some instances, they will let you shadow someone to help you better understand the job.

The Job

Cage cashiers, also referred to as cashiers, or casino cage cashiers are similar to tellers in a bank. They work in an area of the casino known as the cage. This area of the casino is the center of commerce, where money, casino chips, credit clips, and other paperwork are circulated. 

Individuals in this job are responsible for a great deal of money. They issue money to the casino pits, casino hotel area restaurants, and bars. This money is used to handle customer sales in the gaming area, hotel, restaurants, and bars. Each department, in turn, sends their revenue to the cage cashier to be counted and verified. The cage cashier then credits the correct department and places the monies in the cage cash inventory or a bank deposit.

In addition to issuing money to casino departments, cage cashiers use it to issue customer credits, buy back chips, and pay out jackpots. They are responsible for exchanging chips for money from casino patrons who have won and want to “cash out” their chips. 

Just as every transaction in a bank needs to be recorded, so does each transaction in the casino. Cage cashiers record everything. To do this, they utilizes a cage count sheet as well as a bank control sheet. All information must be accounted for, recorded, and verified.

Cage cashiers accept credit applications, verify credit references, issue credit, and establish house credit accounts. They are expected to count the casino bankroll or inventory as well as making an inventory of chips before and after each work shift. The cage cashier must perform accounting over the entire casino bank roll or inventory. This includes money, chips, and markers among other things. It also contains credits from those departments, issued money and debits from money received from other departments, and customer bank checks. All items that are cash or convertible back to cash are included when the accounting takes place.

Other duties of the cage cashier may include redeeming chips or tokens that customers have won or have left over when they are done gambling, converting the contents of the cage cashier’s draw to cash currency in lieu of cash equivalents, and obtaining currency fills from the main bank if the cage runs short.

In addition to handling financial transactions, a great deal of their job involves customer service. Cage cashiers are expected to answer questions about the casino, direct patrons to various parts of the facility, and make each patron feel that they are a valued customer.