Chimney Sweeps


Chimney Sweeps


Chimney sweeps, also known as sweeps and chimney technicians, inspect—or evaluate, as it is known in the industry—chimneys, fireplaces, stoves, and vents according to safety codes. They clean, or sweep, the chimneys and make repairs, which may involve masonry work and relining. They also educate homeowners and building maintenance crews in how to properly care for their stoves and fireplaces, as well as train apprentice chimney sweeps. 

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Chimney sweeps earned median annual salaries of $50,700 in 2019, according to the job-search site Salaries ranged from $19,338 to $86,190. 

Chimney sweeps that own their own company will generally earn considerably more than entry-level and mid-level employees. Owners and CEOs of chimney sweep owners may earn anywhere from approximately $75,000 to $100,000 or more, depending ...

Work Environment

Chimney sweeps work both indoors and out. Some deskwork is required to manage scheduling and finances, but sweeps spend most of their time climbing and bending, working in and around the homes of their customers. They climb ladders to the roofs of the homes to sweep and evaluate, and they spend some time down at the hearth within the home. This work can be noisy and physically demanding. Chimne...


The U.S. Department of Labor does not make projections about the growth of jobs for the field of chimney sweeping. However, it does report that employment growth for "building cleaning workers, not otherwise classified" will be strong during the next decade. 

In addition, the field of chimney care and fire safety continue to be important issues to the public. The National Chimney Sweep G...