Airport Service Workers


Airport Service Workers


The term airport service worker is a general designation for a wide variety of workers who are employed in support occupations at airports. Many of these workers deal directly with the public in sales- and service-based occupations. Others perform behind-the-scenes maintenance and cleaning services that keep public and private areas of airports clean and operating efficiently.

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Salaries for airport service workers vary based on the size and location of the airport and the worker's job description and level of experience. In June 2019, reported the average salary for airport shuttle drivers was $28,226. The U.S. Department of Labor reported similar median annual earnings ($23,870) for parking lot attendants in May 2018. According to Career Trend, skycaps who...

Work Environment

With millions of travelers from countless states and countries passing through annually, airports are hectic but exciting places to work. And like the diverse travelers they serve, airport service workers enjoy a wide variety of work environments. Workers employed in concessions and food service work indoors in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment. Others, such as janitors and cleaners...


The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that job growth in the airline industry will experience slower than average growth, at a rate of 2 percent, through 2028. Nevertheless, prospects differ depending on the job, and the employment outlook is brighter for some areas of the industry. A marked growth in the world's population should also mean a rising number of passengers and a subsequent demand ...