Clinical Applications Specialists


Employment Prospects


Clinical applications specialists are employed by hospitals, offices of physicians and other health care professionals, nursing homes, pain management clinics, surgery centers, diagnostic testing centers, firms that create medical software, and companies that produce medical equipment. Opportunities are available throughout the United States, but are best in large, metropolitan areas.

Starting Out

Clinical applications specialists enter the field in one of two ways. Some earn health care– or information technology–related degrees and start out as assistants to specialists, gradually obtaining enough experience to be promoted to higher-level positions. Others first obtain experience as a health care professional (e.g., medical technologist, nurse, biomedical equipment repair technician) before seeking a job as a clinical applications specialist at a health care provider, medical software firm, or medical equipment manufacturer.

Many people land their first jobs by participating in an internship at a medical or software manufacturer (and receiving a job offer after the internship is complete), using the resources of their college’s career services offices, or contacting employers directly to learn about job openings.

Advancement Prospects

With experience, a clinical applications specialist can advance to the position of clinical support manager, who supervise CASs and ensure that high-quality training sessions are provided, project deadlines are met, and end-users are able to use the new technology. Some CASs go into sales. Others launch their own training firms.

Tips for Entry

Read the following publications to learn more:

  • Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry:
  • Journal of Medical Devices:
  • Medical Design Technology:

Use social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to stay up-to-date on industry developments and learn about job openings.

Visit the following Web sites for job listings:


The Association of Medical Diagnostics Manufacturers offers a list of its members at its Web site, Use this list to identify potential employers.