Comic Book Artists


Employment Prospects


Most comic book artists work as freelancers on a project-by-project basis. Many supplement their incomes by working in part-time or even full-time jobs in other fields. Those who work as full-time comic book artists are employed by companies such as Marvel, DC Comics, and Disney. They may also specialize in only pencilling, inking, lettering, or coloring of comic book art.

Starting Out

The comic book art field is small and there is keen competition for the few jobs that exist. The best way to get a foot in the door is through an internship or any entry-level position available in the company. Small, independent comic book publishers may offer more opportunities than the large organizations.

Advancement Prospects

There is no specific career ladder for comic book artists. Full-time comic book artists may advance to senior-level and managerial roles within the publishing company's art department. With years of experience, they may start their own comic book publishing companies. Others may write articles and books about the field or teach in art schools. Most advance by developing a fan following and moving on to higher profile characters and projects or creating their own comics that become popular enough to be turned into movies and television.

Tips for Entry

The only way to improve your drawing and storytelling skills is to practice. Keep a sketchbook handy and make time every day to draw something.

Read a wide variety of comic books and study the techniques the artists used to tell the stories.

Stay up to date on comic art news through online communities such as the Comic Art Community ( as well as by regularly visiting Marvel’s and DC’s Web sites, among others.

Attend comic book conventions and speak to established artists. Ask them for advice on improving your art and breaking into the field.