Comic Book Publishers


Employment Prospects


Comic book publishers either own the comic book publishing company or work as executive editors or managing editors of comic book publishing companies. The companies include Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image, IDW Publishing, and Valiant Comics, among others.

Starting Out

Comic book publishers may get their start by working as interns in publishing companies. They may work their way up to publisher roles through the editorial or art side. Many comic book publishers have business backgrounds, which they rely on for managing staff, budgets, marketing, and sales.  

Advancement Prospects

There is no specific career ladder for comic book publishers. Some may have started as comic book artists and then entered the publishing world. Others may have a more traditional background in publishing, starting out as interns or editorial assistants and moving up to senior and then management roles before publishing comic books. The career track varies. Managing editors in large comic book publishing companies may advance by leaving the job to start their own publishing company. Many comic book publishing professionals expand their careers by writing and contributing to industry publications and journals, and also by teaching.

Tips for Entry

Volunteer or get an internship in a comic book publishing company.

Attend conventions where comic book publishers exhibit and attend comic book festivals like Comic Con.

Get involved in online comic book communities to learn more about the topics and trends that people are discussing.

Business management and marketing skills are essential in the comic book publisher field; be sure to take business and marketing classes while in school.