Comic Book Publishers


Education and Training Requirements

High School

Classes that will provide a good foundation for working in comic book publishing include English, art, business, mathematics, accounting, computer science, marketing, public relations, social studies, and history. Volunteering to work on your school's Web site, yearbook, or other publications is a good way to learn how to work with a team toward common goals.

Postsecondary Education

An eye for good artwork and an understanding of what makes stories riveting and popular is essential in the comic book publishing field. In college, take classes in English, writing, art, and publishing. Business and marketing courses shed light on how to successfully manage a business. There is no one correct educational background for comic book publishers. A bachelor’s in art, English, writing, communications, business, or marketing is helpful for this type of work.

Other Education or Training

Local, state, and national business associations offer continuing education classes that focus on financial management, business operations, staff management, and other related topics. Contact these organizations for more information.

Certification, Licensing, and Special Requirements

Certification or Licensing

There are no certification requirements for comic book publishers.

Most states and municipalities require companies to have a business license.  

Experience, Skills, and Personality Traits

It typically takes five to 10 years of experience in lower-level positions before you will have enough knowledge and business acumen to start your own company (or be eligible to work in executive-level positions). With that said, highly entrepreneurial people have launched businesses while they are still in high school or college. 

Comic book publishers must have a love and appreciation for comic books and the genres in which they focus. They must be able to see a good story when they have it and know their audience well to achieve distribution and sales goals. The job entails a combination of skills that includes money management abilities for handling contract negotiations and budget oversight, strong communication skills, professionalism and diplomacy in dealing with a variety of personalities, and time management skills. Comprehensive knowledge of the comic book art process and the publishing process is essential. Comic book publishers must stay tuned in to what the competitors are publishing and which books and genres are performing well and which are showing sales declines. They must be flexible and open-minded when looking for ways to improve and enhance their book lists.