Comic Book Publishers


Exploring this Job

A good way to learn about comic book publishing is by getting a part-time job, internship, or volunteer gig at a comic book publishing company. Attending book festivals and exhibitions where comic book publishers have a booth also offers opportunities to speak with the people who work at the publishing companies, see the types of books they publish, and learn more about how to get a foot in the door. Exploring comic book publishers online is the easiest way to gather information about the industry. Visit the Web sites of Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, and others to view the book lists and see what's new.

The Job

A comic book publisher is responsible for publishing, marketing, and distributing comic books. Their work varies depending on the size of the publishing company. In smaller companies they may do everything from negotiating contracts and securing printers to distributing the books in person at book exhibitions and conferences. In larger companies some of this work may be delegated to specific departments, such as the legal, editorial, and marketing departments, with publishers overseeing the work of all staff members.

Comic book publishers acquire the manuscripts and artwork of comic book artists and writers who work in the genres that sync with the types of books the company publishes, such as action, science-fiction, manga, or humor. They secure the funding for the projects and oversee the budgets and production schedules. They communicate with comic book authors and writers and publishing company staff, keeping all informed of the project’s progress and if any changes or issues have arisen. They set up agreements with comic book printers and distributors. The major distributor of comic books is Diamond Comic Distributors. Either a public relations agency or an internal public relations department promotes the books through press releases and posts on the company’s Web site and social media sites.