Comic Book Writers


Education and Training Requirements

High School

While in high school, build a broad educational foundation by taking courses in English, literature, foreign languages, history, general science, social studies, and computer science. Take art classes also, as these will help you understand the artistic skills and visual sense needed to create a comic book.

Postsecondary Training

Although obtaining a college degree is not required to become a comic book writer, it may give you an advantage if you apply for a writing or editorial position in the small and competitive comic book field. In addition, many comic book writers cannot make a living in comic books alone and thus hold full-time positions in other writing and non-writing fields. Having a college degree will benefit you in this respect, as well. Many comic book writers have a broad liberal arts background or majors in English, art, literature, history, philosophy, or social sciences. A number of schools offer courses in journalism, and some offer courses or majors in book publishing, publication management, and newspaper and magazine writing, which could be useful in preparing for work in this field

Most comic book publishers look for writers with proven writing experience. If you have served on high school or college newspapers, yearbooks, or literary magazines, or if you have worked for small community newspapers or radio stations, even in an unpaid position, you will be an attractive candidate. Many book publishers, magazines, newspapers, and radio and television stations have summer internship programs that provide valuable training in this regard. Interns do many simple tasks, such as running errands and answering phones, but some may be asked to perform research, conduct interviews, or even write minor pieces.

Certification, Licensing, and Special Requirements

Certification or Licensing

There are no certification or licensing requirements for comic book writers.

Experience, Skills, and Personality Traits

Any experience volunteering as a writer will be useful for those who aspire to enter the field. Contact community organizations, religious groups, or local businesses, and other organizations that require the skills of writers. Many comic book publishers have summer internship programs that provide valuable training in this regard.

To be a comic book writer, you should be creative and able to express ideas clearly, have a broad general knowledge and a good sense of visual and literary storytelling, be skilled in research techniques, and be computer literate. Other assets include curiosity, persistence, initiative, resourcefulness, an accurate memory, and, of course, a good knowledge of the different styles of comic books. As with most jobs that involve publishing, the ability to concentrate, work under pressure, and meet deadlines is essential for a comic book writer.