Composers and Arrangers


For profiles of composers of concert music, visit the ACA Web site.

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For professional and artistic development resources, contact

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For music news and information on legislation affecting musicians, contact

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For articles on songwriting, information on workshops and awards, and practical information about the business of music, contact

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This organization represents songwriters, composers, and music publishers. Its Web site has useful information on the industry.

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Email: newyork@bmi.com


This organization “promotes the preservation of film and television music.” Visit its Web site for more information.


The IAWM Web site has information for and about women composers.


The New Music USA Web site has information on awards and residencies as well as interviews with composers active in the field today.

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For information on work in film, television, and multimedia, contact

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For information on student membership and commission competitions, contact

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The SGA offers song critiques and other workshops in select cities. Visit its Web site for further information on such events and answers to frequently asked questions about becoming a songwriter.

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